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Foundation 2

Welcome to Foundation 2!


Click on the link to see what F2 got up to before we launched our new website:

Ice, Ice, baby....

Today we carried out the first part of our F2 ice investigation.

We are making our very own ice pictures.

But how do you do that, you are probably thinking?  

We are investigating what happens when we freeze water. 


Our first job was to write our name on a label and stick the label on a plastic cup. 


We then filled our plastic cup with water, and added glitter to make our water glisten. 


We used pipettes to add food colouring to change the colour of our water.


Some of us chose to explore colour mixing, and made different colours. 


We cannot wait to put our ice pictures in the freezer to see what will happen next. 



A frozen, magical adventure...

Today in PE we have been on a 'Yoga' Frozen magical adventure. 

We have been using our bodies to create different shapes and worked hard on our balancing skills.

We also had to have good concentrations skills and listened carefuly to the instructions.

Here are some photographs of us in action. 


Celebrating Home-Learning

We must say we have had some fantastic Home-Learning this week. It seems our children are really enjoying our 'Cold Places' topic, just as much as our teachers in F2 are enjoying teaching it. We have learnt some fantastic facts about our world and two very interesting places called the Arctic and Antarctica. 

Today Archie brought in his Home-Learning and he blew us away with the facts he knew about Polar Bears. Archie had frozen a polar bear in water to demonstrate the icy conditions that Polar Bears like to live in. Mrs Tabbner loved Archies creative idea and decided we had to show it off on our Class Blog.  

Well done Archie! A super creative idea. 


Yesterday Elise blew us away with her fantastic independent writing. Elise chose to write some facts about Polar Bears, and remembered to use fingers spaces. 

Elise then went on to label her Polar Bear using Fred Talk to sound out unfamiliar words. 

Well done Elise! 

We made a fantastic start to our topic of 'Cold Places'.

Last week we explored the icy weather conditions and made a fantastic tuff spot for the Polar Bears and Penguins to explore. 



Some of us chose to independently explore colour mixing, and made some fantastic icy cold colours using blue and white paint. Look out for these on our 'Cold Places' display board in our classroom. 






Happy New Year!!

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break and your child is ready for a fun half term packed with learning. We have started our new topic which is 'Cold Places' and we have started learning about the animals that live there. Ask your child if they can tell you any of the animals we have been learning about. We are sure they will love this topic and learning lots of new facts.


Today we had a wonderful time watching 'The Magic Toyshop' at Barnsley Civic. We had such a good time making magic, dancing like chickens and singing songs!

F2 were so excited that we were on the big coach with Year 6 and we had a lovely Christmas sing song on the way there to get us in the festive spirit.

F2 did us proud today, well done each and every one of you. 

Yesterday the whole school enjoyed the first Smile day and had a fantastic time doing lots of fun activities. All of the children really enjoyed the day, the variety of activities and working with children from other classes. My favourite part of the whole day was seeing how well the older children in school supported F2 children in their activities, some lovely friendships were made. The Headteacher's page has lots more photos from the day.

We have been working so hard on our Nativity and we can't wait to show it to you.


Just a reminder that we do have costumes in school for all F2 children but if you do have a costume at home that suits your child's part that your child would prefer to wear then please bring it into school by Friday 14th December in a named bag so that we are all ready for the big day next Wednesday. Thanks.

PS Don't forget your tissues!


Ice painting

Ice painting 1 Our tuff trays were filed with icy snow.
Ice painting 2 We decided to paint the ice to see what happened.
Ice painting 3 We made little picture frames using sticks.
Ice painting 4 Then we painted!
Ice painting 5
Ice painting 6
Ice painting 7
Ice painting 8
Ice painting 9
Ice painting 10
Ice painting 11
Ice painting 12 Later in the day we noticed something.
Ice painting 13 The colour had run. It made a lovely ice picture.

Fun in the Winter Weather!

Fun in the Winter Weather! 1 Some of us made Snow Angels.
Fun in the Winter Weather! 2
Fun in the Winter Weather! 3
Fun in the Winter Weather! 4
Fun in the Winter Weather! 5
Fun in the Winter Weather! 6 We rolled the snow into balls.
Fun in the Winter Weather! 7 The snow was very cold!
Fun in the Winter Weather! 8
Fun in the Winter Weather! 9
Fun in the Winter Weather! 10
Fun in the Winter Weather! 11
Fun in the Winter Weather! 12 We wrote in the snow.
Fun in the Winter Weather! 13
Fun in the Winter Weather! 14
Fun in the Winter Weather! 15 An amazing Snow Angel!
Fun in the Winter Weather! 16
Fun in the Winter Weather! 17
Fun in the Winter Weather! 18
Fun in the Winter Weather! 19 We practised sliding in the snow.
Fun in the Winter Weather! 20 This was great fun!
Fun in the Winter Weather! 21
Fun in the Winter Weather! 22
Fun in the Winter Weather! 23
Fun in the Winter Weather! 24
Fun in the Winter Weather! 25
Fun in the Winter Weather! 26
Fun in the Winter Weather! 27
Fun in the Winter Weather! 28
Fun in the Winter Weather! 29
Fun in the Winter Weather! 30
Fun in the Winter Weather! 31
Fun in the Winter Weather! 32

11th December

Pupil of the Week

Pupil of the Week this week is Libby. She is an asset to Class R and sets a fantastic example to other children in Provision, accessing her own learning and focusing on her tasks for a long period of time. Well done Libby!


*Photo to follow*


Outstanding Writer

This week Tobias amazed us with his fantastic rhyming work. He could continue a rhyming string with real and nonsense words and he enjoyed predicting what the rhyming words were going to be in the stories we read. Keep up the good work Tobias!


*Photo to follow*

Lego fun!

In Class R we have been learning about The Stick man and we have been including it in all areas of our learning. In maths we have been ordering lots of different things in height and length order, including sticks so we decided to order different towers which we built using Lego. We had lots of fun and then enjoyed transferring our focused learning into our Independent learning in Provision.

4th December

This week our Pupil of the Week is Zach Hollis. Zach has made huge progress since September and now comes into school happily, he even sometimes skips in! Well done Zach, keep smiling that beautiful smile.

4th December

Outstanding Writer this week is Reuben. He consistently forms his letters beautifully and is identifying lots more sounds in words. Keep it up Reuben!


This week Harrison amazed us all with his super sounding out during his focused writing task and in his independent learning. He did not want to stop writing! Keep it up Harrison.

Pupil of the Week

This week Kyle is our Pupil of the Week. He has shown such maturity in his independent learning and in his focused tasks. He is like a sponge and is using all the new words we are learning in our shape work! Well done Kyle, we are so proud of you.



Outstanding Writer

Outstanding Writer  1