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Year 4

We have been looking at the Egyptian Cinderella - it's a bit different to the one we are familiar with!

Year 4 newsletter

Our creative home learning grid

Welcome to the Clever Crocodile Class 2018! 

I am really looking forward to Year 4 and I hope you are too.

Our first topic is shared through the whole school... hidden TREASURE! We are focussing on the Ancient Egyptians as our topic and will be becoming archaeologists exploring the treasures of the past.

Our jounrey so far

Our jounrey so far 1
Our jounrey so far 2
Our jounrey so far 3
Our jounrey so far 4
Our jounrey so far 5
Our jounrey so far 6
Our jounrey so far 7
Our jounrey so far 8
Our jounrey so far 9
Our jounrey so far 10
Our jounrey so far 11
Our jounrey so far 12
Our jounrey so far 13
Our jounrey so far 14
Our jounrey so far 15

Welcome to Year 4!


Snow Day Homework

Task 1

I hope you have enjoyed some time playing in the snow.

As we missed World Book Day on Thursday I would like you to ask someone to take a photo of you reading your favourite book in an interesting place.  You can decide where this is.  Please bring a photo into school to show the rest of the class.


Task 2

I would also like you to do some writing to share with the class.


Imagine you are going to be trapped inside school because of the snow for 2 whole weeks.  Which 10 items would you bring with you to help you survive and why would you bring each item?


I look forward to hearing about your fun in the snow on Monday.

Miss Humphreys.

Thank you!

On behalf of Class 4, I would just like to say thank you to all of the adults who attended the Cober Hill assembly on Tuesday.  I am sure you will agree that the children had fun whilst they were away and that they learnt a lot at the same time.


Thank you

Miss Humphreys

Just a reminder that the Class 4 Cober Hill assembly will take place on Tuesday 27th February at 1.45pm.

Please return the reply slips to let us know whether you will be attending or not and how many seats you need.


Thank you

Miss Humphreys and Class 4

Cober Hill 2018






Smile Day

Yesterday the whole school enjoyed the first Smile day!  What an exciting and fun day it was.  All of the children I spoke to really enjoyed the day and the variety of activities.  It was nice to see Year 4 mixing with all year groups throughout the day.  Check out the Headteacher's page to see some of the photos from the day.


Writer of the week

The Writer of the week award goes to Skye this week.  She produced a brilliant non-chronological report.  I was very impressed.  Well done Skye.

Pupil of the Week

This week's pupil of the week is Gracie.  Gracie always does the right thing and is a kind and friendly member of the class.  Well done Gracie.


Outstanding Writer

This week Dylan was chosen as outstanding writer due to his much improved handwriting and letter formation.  Dylan has worked really hard ensuring that his descenders fall below the line and that his letters are the same size.  Well done Dylan.


Pupil of the Week


This week Thomas was picked as pupil of the week due to his outstanding work ethic.  He always puts in 100% effort and wants to do his best.  Well done Thomas.