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Year 6

Kingswood memories!

Good evening everyone! I hope you have all recovered from our recent trip! I know that I have. I apologise for not having put anything up about our Thursday and Friday activities. I am sure by now that the kids have told you everything you need to know.


I have looked over a lot of our footage from iPads and the GoPro and have put together another couple of videos. They are not all of our footage. Some will remain for a later date. More pictures will be available for your viewing pleasure soon.


Until then, please know that I am incredibly proud of each and every one of our students and they achieved so much over the past week that I am literally bursting with pride. They have all been a pleasure to have with us and I had an amazing week. I hope they did too!


Here are the other videos for you to enjoy! 


Miss W x

Kingswood Day 2

Uploaded by Catherine Wroe on 2018-03-18.

kingswood 3

Uploaded by Catherine Wroe on 2018-03-18.

Kingswood Day 3 - 14.3.18

Good morning everyone ! I thought today that you’d like to hear from your children so her are a few recounts of our day yesterday from some familiar people ... 


Fran- group k 

Yesterday, we did lots of fun activities. First we did buggy building and it was boys vs girls and the girls won. We built the buggies and then raced around the obstacle course. We won because our buggy didn’t fall apart! We called our buggy MUDDY! Then we had a go at outdoor laser tag and played lots of games. One was called kill the president and I was the president. Lunch was delicious... chicken nuggets and chips! Our week has been frandabidocious! 

KINGSWOOD DAY 2- 13.3.18

Good morning everyone, Miss Wroe here again! Unfortunately my previous post has been deleted so we’r going to try again! 


Yesterday was one to remember! The kids took on so many challenges both mentally and physically as well as together and personally! Group K (Miss Wroe) faced Jacobs ladder, problem solving (the mud... oh my goodness) and fire lighting whilst Group L (Mrs Moxon and Mrs Newton) solves the buggy build challenge and leap of faith and many more! They knocked down every challenge in their way... myself Mrs Moxon and Mrs Newton are so incredibly proud of what they have achieved so far. They have been AMAZING! 


Last night we were joined by non other than our very own Mr Marsh who stayed for tea and some campfire fun! We told some jokes, sang campfire songs and toasted marshmallows until we couldn't feel our feet. We are looking forward to a visit from Mrs Tabbner this afternoon (Make sure you bring your WELLIES!)  Pj's and hot chocolate before bed and then an early night... we were looking at some VERY tired faces. They went to sleep with no hassle and have woken up refreshed and raring to go for another day!


Hopefully the rain will continue to stay away for another day! (Fingers crossed) 

Till tomorrow...Have a great day

Miss Wroe


We are having some technical difficulties due to a faulty connection and therefore our video and photo uploads are taking a lot longer than anticipated. Please bare with us they will be uploaded as soon as possible. 


You can follow us on twitter for more minute by minute updates of our day @Y5summerprimary


Hopefully the pictures will be uploaded tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Kingswood day 1

Uploaded by Miss Wroe on 2018-03-12.

Good evening everybody, Miss Wroe here!!


We have all had an excellent first half day here at Kingswood!! We got VERY muddy and VERY wet on our walk around Scout Dyke this morning but everyone managed to not fall in!! The Kingswood staff have been amazing and made sure that we have had a safe dry space to get warm and make sure that we have all settled in well! The kids have been fantastic so far! They have literally rolled and crawled through the deepest, muddiest puddles through the nighline and climbed to the highest peak and jumped off doing the leap of faith! They have showed great commitment and determination already and I cannot wait to see where the rest of the week takes us! We have just finished our evening activity of waterballoon challenge and all of the children are now showering and pajamering before a nice glass of hot chocloate before an EARLY bed time! We are up bringt and early for a jam packed day of fun tomorrow! Fingers crossed the rain holds off for our campfire tomorrow night!


We have spent the day filming lots of video, I will endevour to link it below this evening, if not it will definately be here in the morning!


For more minute by minute updates feel free to follow our adventures on twitter by following me @Y5summerprimary


More updates to follow tomorrow. Have a great evening,


Miss Wroe :) 

Literacy work for day 3 of snow - let your imagination run wild and bring in your efforts

Literacy work for day 3 of snow - let your imagination run wild and bring in your efforts  1
Literacy work for day 3 of snow - let your imagination run wild and bring in your efforts  2

Maths Questions for day 3 of snow- try your best and bring in your answers please next week

The Red Cross

Pippa from the Red Cross has been into our class today to talk to us about migration. We talked about why people would want to or have to migrate and what the definition of migration was. If you look at the photographs below you will see the work that we have been doing. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

After asking, 'Could Spider-Man really exist?' We set about finding out through our science lessons. We have also been creating our own superheroes, designing and making costumes for them - keep an eye out for these on our page as we will upload our photos as soon as they are complete.

Thinking of our hero/villain we have been thinking of a suitable narrative for them in our literacy lessons. We have uploaded a few of our story openers, once you have read them we are sure you'll be like Mrs. Wakefield and desperate to read what is going to happen next! 

Superhero story openings

Superhero story openings 1
Superhero story openings 2
Superhero story openings 3
Superhero story openings 4
Superhero story openings 5
Superhero story openings 6
Superhero story openings 7
Superhero story openings 8
Superhero story openings 9

Dividing Fractions

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Multiplying Fractions

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Adding and Subtracting Fractions

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How can we develop our peak fitness?

A wonderful day with these children at the Barnsley Civic watching The Magic Toy Shop

A wonderful day with these children at the Barnsley Civic watching The Magic Toy Shop 1

Smile day - 18/12/17


On the 18/12/17 the pupils of Summerfields Primary Acadamy, participated in something called  Smile day. Where they went round school doing various activities. All of the year 6 children loved it and would like to do it again. We will get chance next half term.


Our favourite activity in year 6 was, Marsh's Masterclass.

This day was a real hit and we really enjoyed it!


                                           written by Amilee Bentley and Milly Spivey Year six

Science and Maths all in one - A scale model of the distance the planets are from the sun.

Space homework


Wow Year 6, what an AMAZING job you have all done for your topic homework! Well done, the display outside our classroom looks fantastic (see below for photographs). Thank you to all the parents and carers who have taken time to help and support the pupils projects.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Award Winners!

Our Pupil of the week and Outstanding writer awards for last week are.