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Welcome to Brilliant Butterflies

Say hello to your new class teacher in September F2

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Welcome to Class Africa 



Scan these WR codes with your phone to go straight to the video

Key worker F2 group information from 9th June 2020

Home Project

Evelyn has been doing a home project with her family about under the sea. She has learnt lots of intresting facts about different sea creatures.





Evelyn received a delivery of baby caterpillars. She was so excited to get them. We are hoping we can watch them go throught their life cycle. And turn into beautiful butterflies.


Any work for children at home that is put on to class pages will be to print off at home only. 

Due to health and safety issues we will not be providing paper copies for children at home.


You can put your answers on a sheet and take a photo to send in or put them onto a word document and email in. 



Scavenger hunt?



Please email photographs to the school office or add them to Early Essence.

Class Africa



Click the PDF document to open it to access a weekly timetable. 


There are daily maths, writing, phonics and reading tasks plus a weekly topic challenge.


The activities are organised into daily tasks but please complete them at a pace that your child enjoys. They should be short, quick tasks that maintain your child's interest.


There are weblinks in the document to access the videos and tasks.


You could upload screenshots of completed work to Early Essence but please don't worry if you can't.  


There will be a topic timetable added to this website each week.

I will also add some random fun activites you might like to try. 

Stay safe,

Miss B 


For fun phonics videos, watch a Mr Mc clip on Youtube and tick off each sound below...How many can you do? (The weblink to Mr Mc is below).


Some of these books are suitable for sharing with a mixed age range- great if you have siblings at home. Search for Puffin Books on FB.

This is a good task to practise fine motor skills/ scissor control. It could be a piece of lockdown art or adapted for Father’s Day.


If you’re struggling to get your child interested in β€œworking” maybe use this calendar as a β€œone a day” task board?


Gross motor movement and the alphabet! Click the link below for more information.

Learning doesn’t just take place sat at a desk. 😊



Here's a quick game for you and your children to play that will explore their understanding and use of vocabulary in a fun and challenging way!


Peppa Pig and Pocoyo with PECs - link below


Coventry Speech and Language are on FB and have lots of games to encourage communication.

Although they have dates on, if it suits your child better, these weekly topics could be completed in any order.


Hello Class Africa!

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It's taken 47 attempts to produce this video because my cats wanted to join in! See if you can spot my special visitor...
Miss you all,
Miss Burton

A few photos of our F2 children working at home.

General advice for those preparing to return to school.

Due to updated government guidance we can no longer provide additional reading books for home. Please read the books you have, look at magazines, share stories from your bookshelf and use our online links to support your child’s reading.

Any books returned to school will be left in a box until we can clean them for the safety of staff and pupils. Many thanks for your continued support in these difficult times.

Hello Class Africa

I hope you are safe and well and enjoying time with your families. I am really missing each and everyone of you and hope to see you very soon. Remember to have lots of fun and make memories at home. If you can send us in any pictures of things you have been getting up to while in lockdown and we will upload them. 
Stay Safe Everyone

From Miss Foster 



So i have a little challenge for you all this week. Can you send in a silly reading photo. This could be in a silly place, doing something silly or wearing something silly. We look forward to seeing you photos.

From Miss Foster and the EYFS Team 

Here is mine. Reading Simon Sock, while sat on the trampoline and been a unicorn. 

Some of our F2 children has been having lots of fun at home while learning.

Massive thank you to parents ❀️

Home learning

We would like to brighten your time at home with a gift from the children in school.

We have a new website; please follow us on...

World Book Day 2020

(No, we couldn't get them all to look at the same time!)

What Makes the World Alive? 

This is our whole school exploration question and F2 will use a topic approach looking at Hot and Cold places. We will learn about polar regions and compare them with (our class namesake) Africa. 

One of our main texts is The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Coincidentally, it was on TV at Christmas; did you watch it?


We are making pancakes on Tuesday morning and the long awaited milk bottle igloo on Thursday afternoon.... please let a member of F2 staff know if you could help... 

Ask your child about Class Dojo which is starting this week...

Lunch menu week beginning 24Th Feb

Thank you for replying to the letter about reading sessions. Fridays were by far the most popular day so next week,Friday 14th February, we will begin our reading mornings. Please arrive at school as normal and come into F2 to read with your child. We will make sure all children read with an adult. 

Week beginning 10th February

heart Friday 7th February is non-uniform day. If you choose to, you can wear an item or full outfit of red clothes. £1 can be donated to support heart charity. heart

We are looking at how to reuse plastic bags so they don’t end up in the ocean!

This week we will be using bars of soap to try to wash β€œgerms” from β€œhands” in the water tray. This is to help children understand the importance of hygiene.

Week commencing 3rd Feb. If your child has a small appetite, will you discuss with them how much you expect them to eat at lunch time, please. Also, if you could let staff know and we’ll pass it onto the lunchtime staff. Thanks.

When we fill out jewel jar, we can vote to chose a treat. Ask your child how we earn jewels. This time we chose to watch the animation of our class text β€œLost and Found” and have popcorn, cookies and juice. Best day ever! The author writes books about opposites- Up and Down is another book. Have you read it?

An interesting parcel has arrived in Class Africa... Why does it have holes in the box?

Week beginning 27th January

We have been learning to care for our environment by sorting objects for recycling.



Dear parents and carers,

To support our topic, we've decided to make a lifesize igloo out of milk bottles! Can you wash out and save your FOUR PINT milk bottles with lids, please? We need 350 to 500 bottles. If anyone feels creative and wants to join us when we build it, please let us know. 


We are learning how to vote. This has helped us to realise that others’ views matter!

The Year of the Rat has arrived at Summerfields!

The children have had so much fun exploring the “cold” part of our topic. Outside, they used building blocks from the construction shed and built an igloo. They all worked amazingly well together; as part of a team. When the sides kept falling over, the children built them back up- what fabulous resilience skills! 
We think our next step is learning how to overlap layers of bricks for strength. 

Today in class, we have been learning about how to make 999 calls as part of our PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) lesson. We talked about when to call and about what is an emergency. We watched how to make a call and then we had a go ourselves. A lot of us in F2 couldn't remember our addresses so we asked as part of our homework if we could find out and try to remember them! How to make a 999 call
Autumn 2019

                                      Living Museum

A reminder that tomorrow (Thursday) is our Living Museum. Adults are  welcome to come to class at 2pm to share some of our learning from this half term and there may be a few songs thrown in too. You are welcome to take your children with you when you leave.

We had Nigel the Gaming Guy in school and he taught us how to play lots of new games. Here are some photos of us enjoying the games.

We had the biggest surprise today when we received a letter addressed to us.

Maximus noticed that the postmark was from the North Pole so we got very excited as we remembered that one of our class mates had posted a letter from us to Father Christmas last Friday! 

We wanted to share it with you as we were so happy to receive a letter from Father Christmas himself.



A change to the dinner menu this week

Tuesday - Roast chicken dinner

Wednesday - Spaghetti bolognaise

Thursday - Fishcake and chips

Friday - All Day breakfast

On Wednesday 18th December it is our Christmas party. The children can come to school in their party clothes as long as they are practical, warm and have sensible footwear as they will still be accessing provision in the afternoon. Please take this into consideration when choosing what they will be wearing.



We have sent home photographs of your child in their Nativity costume. This one is for you to keep and there is no charge however if you would like to order extra copies then please fill in the order form attached to the photograph stating how many copies you would like with the money in an envelope. They are £1 each.

Thank you

Stay and Play 

We had a fabulous morning at our Stay and Play session with our adults. Thank you to everyone who attended and for the lovely comments and feedback we have received. The children thoroughly enjoyed having you in class so that they could show you how they learn.

Thank you to everyone who contributed raffle prizes, we made £49.10 through our raffle and tea and coffee donations.


Christmas Dinner Day

Here we are having our Christmas dinner. It was absolutely delicious and we are all full to the top!

A huge thank you to our fantastic kitchen staff for our beautiful dinner.


                                             Christmas Jumper Day


On Wednesday 11th December we will be having our Christmas jumper day. This information has been sent by email and is on the newsletter as well. The children can wear their jumper with their uniform. This is also Christmas dinner day so it's a festive day all round!  



A polite reminder...

For our Nativity your child is a sheep.

Please could you provide a pair of black trousers or leggings and a white top (school t-shirt will be fine) and we will make sheep headbands for the children to wear. Please can you send these to school by Friday 6th December in a labelled bag.

Thank you.



Stay and Play

We are also still collecting raffle prizes for our Stay and Play next Friday. If you have anything suitable please can you hand it to a member of th EYFS team by Wednesday 11th December. Thank you for the donations we have received so far. Raffle tickets will be sold at the Stay and Play session. We will also have drinks and festive treats available for a donation.

Thank you


Our elf was not mischievious at all last night because when we came in to school this morning he had made a train track and had an Advent train on it with some chocolate coins in the middle. We put names in the doors and we will give a chocolate coin to the children's whose names come out. 

Thank you Elf!

Today we were all very excited to see what our elf had been up to but when we got into school he was not where we left him! One of our eagle eyed children spotted him hanging on the number line and we remembered that Father Christmas had said that hide and seek was one of his favourite games.


We then realised that he had a fantastic view of the smiley side of our board and he could see all the names of the children who had made the adults happy so that he could report back to Father Christmas.

We also thought he might be wanting a number on his tummy like the Stickmen on our number line and we discussed that he would be number 21 as it is 1 more than 20 and would come next on the number line.

We wonder where he will be tomorrow!

We would like to thank all the parents and carers who have returned their questionnaires to us. If you have not yet returned it but would still like to it is not too late, you can either put it in your child's book bag or hand it to Mrs Jagger.

Thank you 


A Surprise Visitor

Just before lunch today Mrs Foster came round with a special parcel which had been delivered to school for Class Africa. When we opened it we were delighted to find that Father Christmas had sent us our very own class elf! There was a letter inside which told us that he can be a little mischievous so we are very excited to see what he gets up to over the next few weeks. We will keep you posted!



                                                 Decorating the Tree

Today we took our decorations into the hall to put on our Christmas tree. It was a lovely moment and once everyone in school had put their decorations on the tree looked beautiful. 

Today we started our new story 'Stickman'. We went to the Wild Area in small groups to make our own Stickmen and Stick Lady Loves. We learnt how to join sticks together using tape and pipe cleaners and then some of us acted out different parts of the story using our characters. It was such fun and the sun was shining!
We have been reading the story 'The Scarecrows' Wedding' this week and lots of our provision activities have been linked to it. Today we have decorated some biscuits to look like Betty and Harry from the story. We had such a fun afternoon but the best bit for some was definitely eating them!

We have also had great fun in our Karate taster session. Look at our smiles, it says it all!


Here is what we are planning on covering this half term during our whole school topic, 'How do our Actions shape our Future?'

What good fun!

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We have had lots of fun using an app on the Ipad to make different nursery rhyme characters talk. We had to choose a picture then record our voices and then draw a mouth on the picture. Then the characters talked with our voices!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
This week is National Nursery Rhyme week and we have had lots of provision activities linked to different Nursery rhymes. We have also done lots of singing! Can you work out which Nursery rhymes the children are representing using loose parts?

Some of the children have had great fun today completing this jigsaw and then finding the hiden rhymes. I think our favourite one was the ghost eating toast! Which rhymes can you spot?



Early Essence

Many thanks to all the parents who have uploaded videos and photographs with written commentaries of what your child is doing. As some of you are aware I was not receiving these but have now had an influx so it seems the problem has been rectified. I will be working my way through them this week so you should see them tagged in your child's learning journey very soon. Thank you for your patience.

If anyone still has not collected their password but would like it please come and see me after school any evening.

Mrs Jagger

Reading buddies

Today we have started reading buddies with Antarctica class (Year 4). We are going to be reading with them every Tuesday morning to help develop our reading skills. Today we had a getting to know you session.

Look at this fantastic shape work done by one of our superstars yesterday! She could name them and tell us about the properties as well. She even made a repeating pattern!




Teaser for next week

I wonder if any of you can work out the Nursery rhymes that we will be working on in Provision next week for National Nursery Rhyme week?


Children in Need

Well done to all of Class Africa today who wore something that made them happy. We had a real assortment of clothes from pjs to witches costumes! All money collected will be sent to the BBC Children in Need charity. We learnt about what the charity raises money for and we talked about Pudsey Bear. Here are some photos of us at work. 


We have been learning about patterns and we are so proud of this little superstar and his pattern work in provision. He has independently created several complex repeating patterns using lego and has been able to tell the adults (including Mrs Tabbner and Mr Marsh) what would come next. 


One of the things we love is switching on an ipad and seeing the photos that the children have taken during provision. We think our undercover paparazzi have done a marvellous job today!

Just a reminder about our Phonics and Maths meeting which willl take place on Wednesday 13th November at 4pm. The meeting will take place in the classroom and should not take longer than 50 minutes.

Thank you


Children in Need

Children in Need day is on Friday 15th November. The children can come to school wearing something that makes them happy for example pjs, football kits, fancy dress etc. Please send a donation and we will collect it at the gate on Friday morning.

Thank you for your generosity.

We have been leanring about the festival of Divali and have been looking at some beautiful Rangoli patterns. We have linked this to our Maths work and have made some of our own patterns, including repeating patterns. We also made some Diva pots out of clay and decorated them. 




We are working or way through these sounds and have just done l. Please keep practising these with your child at home and include them in VC and CVC words for the children to orally blend and segment and write in their home phonics books.

Thank you

                               Friends of Summerfields

Our school Friends group are in desperate need of some new members. If you are interested in supporting this fabulous group then please keep an eye on the newsletters or see Amanda Foster. They work very hard raising funds for school and would like as many people as possible to join them.




Poppies will be on sale in school so if you would like your children to purchase one then please send their donation in a named envelope.




A huge thank you to everyone who came this afternoon to share the fabulous work we do in Class Africa. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

As Halloween is coming up this morning we carved a pumpkin and then had a story around it. It was such fun and we enjoyed thinking of good words to describe how the pumpkin felt and smelt. Evelyn said "It is squelchy!" Charlie said "It is slimy." Frankie said "It smells nice" Maximus said "It smells rotten". We also talked about the different shapes that I was cutting and how we have to be very careful when using sharp knives and ask a grown up to do it for us.

Here are some photos of us exploring the pumpkin.


Just a reminder that the photographer is in school tomorrow (Friday) to take individual photos of the children.



A reminder that at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon (Friday) parents and carers are invited into class to have a look at some of the fabulous work that has taken place this half term. We will sing you some songs showing you some of the Makaton actions we have learnt, you will be able to have a look around our classroom and you will be able to have a look through your child's books. We hope you will be able to join us.


There will not be any homework set over the half term holiday but we do ask that you continue to look at the sounds book that is in your child's book bag. Please encourage them to practise their letter formation and maybe even write some VC and CVC words in their home phonics book using the phonemes we have covered so far. We are up to 'b' and will learn 'f' when we return after the holiday. Examples of VC words are in, on, an, it, is and examples of CVC words are cat, mop, tip, bug, bad, pat.





Please can we remind you parents evening is on the 6th of November. 

We are still awaiting replies from some families to secure a time slot. 

If you require another letter please can you see Mrs Jagger before or after school. 

We really look forward to parents evening as this is a positive way of communicating with you as parents about how your child is getting on at school. 

Thank you 


Autumn is here 

This week we have been talking lots about the season of Autumn and the changes in the weather. We thought carefully about all the signs of Autumn outdoors, which gave us a lovely idea to design our own Autumn tree using leaves that we collected on our Autumn walk. 

Here are some of our children working together to stick leaves on the tree. 




Our literacy session followed on beautifully from our Autumn discussion. 

We explored the different textures of the leaves and thought of words to describe them. Some of our children said bumpy, crunchy and smooth. We thrn wrote the word on a leaf thinking carefully about the initial and end sounds we could hear.  



Marvelous Maths

Over the last two weeks we have been using number fans on the carpet to show we can recognise and show different numbers from 0-10. 

We have some super Mathmeticians in Class Africa. 

We have talked about one more than a given number and one less than a given number. 


This week we have been concentrating on the sounds p g o. 

Please continue to practice recognising the sound and saying the rhyme which supports the sound. 


This weeks Home-Learning Challenge is to play I Spy with your child. This encourages the recognition of initial sounds. Please feel free to make any comments you wish in your childs Home-Learning book and let us know how they get on. 


We still have some children who don't have outdoor wellingtons. 

If you wish for your child to access outdoor learning please can you provide a pair of wellingtons for your child. 

As you can appreciate the weather is starting to change and we cannot allow children on the outdoor trail area when they are not wearing the correct footwear. 

Thank you for your support.


This week we sent home letters to invite you to a Phonics & Maths workshop on Wednesday 13th November at 4.00pm. 

This will hopefully give you an insight as to how we teach phonics and maths in school, and give you some tips on how you can support your child at home. 

Please can we ask that you return your slip to school if you wish to attend. 


Your child will be bringing a letter home today regarding parents evening. This will be held on Wednesday 6th of November.

Please return your slips to school as soon as possible to reserve your required time slot. 



This week we have made an Autumn investigation station outside. Children have been exploring different Autumn objects using their senses

Celebrating Home-Learning

Thank you to everyone who completed their Autumn Home-Learning.

We love how creative this piece of work is.

Amelia chose to make an Autumn canvas picture using lots of Autumn objects she found outdoors. 

Well done Amelia 



Thank you to all parents who attended the Early Essence meeting tonight after school. If you were unable to attend but would still like your password so that you can access your child's online Learning Journey then please see Mrs Jagger after the children have been let out of school tomorrow night (Wednesday). As they are passwords they can only be given to the named parent or carer. 

Thank you

In our Literacy session today we talked a lot about the senses we used on our Autumn walk yesterday and the parts of our bodies that help us to know that autumn is here. We drew around one of the children on the carpet and then we labelled parts of their body, listening very carefully to the initial sounds. Following on from the session lots of children wanted to do the same activity in Provision. 

The children asked for some paper to be stuck together and then they got busy with their own drawing and writing. It was such a lovely sight that Mrs Tabbner popped in to see the fantastic learning that was taking place. There was lots of other fantastic learning taking place with reading, writing and Maths as well and there were lots of new friendships being formed.

Well done Class Africa.

Here is what we are planning on covering during our topic, 'Who do you think you are'

You may have noticed that your child has brought a book home from our school Library. 

Library is on a Wednesday Lunchtime and children can access books that can be taken home to share with family members.

Books will be taken out of book bags on a Monday, please ensure if your child does borrow a book from our library it is returned. 

Thank you 

F2 Team 

This afternoon we have been on a lovely sensory Autumn walk around our school grounds. We thought carefully about what we could see, hear & smell, but we didn't explore our taste sense. We found some beautiful Autumn objects that we are going to use in our classroom for an Autumn display.

This week your child will be coming home with a new 'Home Sounds' book and a 'Set 1 sounds' book. This is an opportunity for your child to practice the sounds we have been learning during our Read Write Inc sessions. Please concentrate on using the correct pencil grip, and saying the correct rhyme to match the sound.

Rain, rain go away but PLEASE come back another day

This week we have made the most of the rain and explored our outdoor area. 

We independently followed Mrs Jaggers instructions and got ourselves dressed in our outdoor waterproofs and wellingtons ready to tackle the wet weather. 

Oh what fun we had. 

Can we say a huge thank you to all our supportive parents who made wonderful comments about a muddy child being a happy child. We 100% believe in this. The learning that took place was amazing and our children had such a lovely time outdoors exploring the weather. 





Can you help?

The EYFS team have been chatting about possibly doing some future fundraising to replace our current outdoor waterproof clothing.

As you can imagine it can be quiet expensive to fund 30 sets of clothing, therefore we wondered if you could help. 

Do you have any ideas of any fundraising ideas that you would be happy, along with your child to participate in? 

If you do have any weird or wonderful ideas, please could you comment in your child's planner for us to read or come and speak to a memeber of the EYFS team.

We love to get parents involved as much as possible in the learning journey of your child and would really appreciate your help. 

Thank you 

On Friday 4th October we are having our First Class photograph that will be displayed in the Barnsley Chronicle.

Watch out for this photograph in the Barnsley Chronicle very soon. 






Happy Monday 

Welcome back to another happy Monday at Summerfields. 

We have got off to a great start this morning with our Read Write Inc work.

Fred Frog has introduced another sound to us this morning. 

Our sound today is 't' 

Last week we have been practicing the sounds m,a,s,d. 

Can you spot us in our RWI carpet learning this morning? 


Last week some of us practiced our letters in the glitter, to reall perfect that letter formation. 



Every day before lunch we practice our 'Singing hands' songs and rhymes.

These songs and rhymes include Makaton which we really love to promote in F2. 

Here we are in action...



Just a reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday) is our MacMillan coffee afternoon. It will be open from 2pm and parents / carers are welcome to come and enjoy a hot drink and a cake, bun or biscuit.

Children can wear something green to school and bring a donation of £1 for the charity. Green t-shirts and jumpers can be worn with regular school trousers or skirts and shoes and green bobbles and socks can be worn with full school uniform.

Thank you for your support.


Our very happy FRI YAY!!!! 

This morning some of our children enjoyed exploring our water collection. 

We changed into our waterproof clothing and wellies and loved exploring what the different equipment does in our water tray! We were filling and pouring and there was lots of capacity language including full and empty.

 There was some amazing team work and making relationships through working together. We even had a car wash in F2, and I must say our cars are sparkling. 

Just look at some of these smiling faces. 

 We are so proud of you 





We cannot quiet believe we are at the end of our second full week at big school. 

Our children are working so hard on understanding and following the routines in our classroom and school. 


This week in our maths learning we have been making shape houses and recognising 2D shapes. We have drawn our family members inside and even tried hard to think about the initial sounds of the names of the people we live with. 

Here are some of our shape houses on the washing line in our home corner.


On Tuesday we had our first PE lesson.

We were so pleased with how our children dressed and undressed as independently as they could.

We spent some time in the hall playing small circle games, and hope to build up our PE lessons over the next few weeks. 

Well done class Africa!

Super job  


This week we have also started to introduce maths meetings to our morning carpet session. This involves talking about the days of the week and months of the year. 

We have also done lots of practical counting forwards and backwards and even recognised numbers on a hundred square. 


This week we have sent lots of letters home with your children in their book bags. 

If you havent already can we ask that you fill these letters in and return to school as soon as possible. 

Thank you 



Lost jumper

Please can you check your child's jumpers as we are missing a jumper, Age either 4-5 or 5-6 from M&S. It has a name sticker in it. 

Thank you

We have had so much fun in our outdoor area. Today some of us made a assault course and we had to wait our turn We had to balance, crawl, run and jump. It was great fun!


Today the children have been painting self-portraits so some of us decided to take a selfie as well using our class Ipad. Have a look at these smiling faces!

Unnamed items of clothing

We have had several cardigans and jumpers this week which have not had names in them. Please can you ensure that you name every item of school uniform that your child has.

Thank you.

Today we had a visit from Lumi, our school's Therapy Dog. We sang a song about asking an owner before stroking their dog and we saw Lumi do some adding up!

We can't wait to get started reading to Lumi when she visits us in class.



Here are some more pictures of us using our Outdoor Area. We have been exploring some of the different collections and trying hard to remember to put things away when we have finished with them.

Today some of the children found a frog up on the grass. It was a tiny frog and it was inside  one of our tyres. The children were very careful not to be noisy or knock the tyre as they didn't want to scare it but they watched it and had some wonderful conversations. They finally decided on the name Froggy for it.


Class Africa's First Day

We have had a fantastic first day exploring our new classroom both inside and outside. We have had some super stories and done some lovely singing, including learning our new class song! We have had lunch and we all carried our own trays.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday morning. Here are some photos of us on our first day at Summerfields.

Our first class photo in F2 

Our last class photo in F2 

Look how much we have grown! 

Well Done Tigers you are AWESOME 


Wow, here we are! Our very last day in F2 together as Team Tigers! 

We have had an absolute blast, and this is all down to your children and you parents for making our year so fantastic.

Our year has been made up of lots of lovely memories including the very first day at Summerfields.  

Our children have done nothing but impress us from start to finish with their love to learn. 

It has been an absolute pleasure for both Mrs Jagger and Mrs Cuthbert to guide your children through this year and we will miss each and every one of them. 

So here is a special thanks to you guys! 

Your gifts, words and recognition will always be much appreciated.

We are overwhelmed with your generosity and kindness so thank you! 

We wish each and every one of you a wonderful summer, make lots of lovely memories together and above all stay safe!

See you all across the playground in September. 

Mrs J and Mrs C 



Teddy Bears' Picnic

As you know we have our Teddy Bears' picnic on Monday afternoon. We still have several reply slips which have not been returned to us. Please can you return your slip to school as soon as possible so that our kitchen staff can cater for the correct number of children.

If you are unsure as to whether you have replied or not then please ask a member of EYFS staff.

Thank you

Sports Day

On Monday we had our Sports Day and our Terrific Tigers made us so so proud. Every single one of them took part and put 100% effort into each activity. They walked around the Sports area sensibly and listened carefully to instructions. Each Tiger said they had enjoyed the afternoon and we hope you all did too.

Tickets for our school disco on Wednesday 17th July are priced at £2.50 a ticket.

This gives your child entry to the disco, a hot dog, crisps a drink and a mix up. 

Please send in £2.50 and we can provide your child with a ticket, or visit the school office before Wednesday. 

If your child does not wish to attend the disco, they will remain in class with an adult. 

Please could you let a member of F2 staff know if your child does not wish to attend. 

Thank you 



Our final full week in F2

We cannot quiet believe our school year is coming to an end.

We have one more full week in F2 before we break up on Wednesday 24th July. 

Next week is busy busy with dates you may want to make a note of. 


Monday 15th July - SPORTS DAY 

Sports Day begins at 1.30pm. Please can you send your child with a coloured top that associates with their colour team. If you are unsure of the colour team your child is in, please either scroll down our web page to find this information, or see a member of F2 staff. 

Children will wear their coloured top with their PE shorts. Pumps can also be worn or you can provide a pair of sensible footwear for the afternoon. 

All children must come to school wearing their uniform and can change after lunch.


Wednesday 17th July -  SCHOOL DISCO

Wednesday will be our end of year disco.

This will take place in school time 2.00pm-3.00pm

Children can bring a change of party clothes in a labelled bag and place this on their peg until it is time to get changed in the afternoon. 

Children will be collected at the same time of 3.00pm at their classroom door. 

If your child does not wish to attend the disco they will remain in class with an adult.


Monday 22nd July - TEDDY BEARS PICNIC

We are having a Teddy Bears Picnic on Monday 22nd July. Your child can bring a teddy bear to join them on this day. We advise you write your child's name on a label on their teddy to avoid any confusion if more than one child is to bring the same teddy. 

You are all welcome to join us at 1.15pm, we will be having music, games etc. It would be lovely to see you. 

Please fill out the slip and return to school by Monday 15th July so we know  if your child is bringing a packed lunch or will need one providing by school. 

Please note there will be not hot meal option on this day, your child will be provided with a snack mid morning. 

We have hired an ice-cream van this year and each child will receive a free ice-cream. Parents are welcome to buy one if you wish. 



Please can you send an empty bag with your child's name on so we can give out work, pictures etc next week. 

Thank you if you have already sent this in. 


Books and Planner's

You may have noticed that we have started to collect books and planners from your child's book bag. If you have books & Planner's at home can you send these in your child's book bag next week so we can take them out.

 This is so we can organise new planners and books with your child's new class teacher,  which you will receive in September. 


School Tie

We hoped you received your child's free school tie. If you require any additional uniform including additional tie's please see a member of the office staff. 

Uniform orders are placed on a Wednesday and will arrive the following Wednesday. 

If you wish to place orders and collect your order yourself in the summer holiday, you can do so at Vortex, Grange Lane, Barnsley.  


Have a lovely weekend 





We have been making the most of our Provision and have been doing some fantastic independent learning. 

Bag Request 

Please can we ask that your child brings a plastic bag / recycle bag to school clearly labelled with their name so that we can send any pictures, work home at the end of the school year.

Thank you for your support 

This week our F2 children have spent 3 mornings in Y1 with Miss Wroe their new Year One teacher. We are beyond proud of how well they have behaved and the independent learning they have showed Miss Wroe. Unlucky for Mrs Jagger and Mrs Cuthbert but Miss Wroe is so excited with what next year will bring. 

Well done F2 we are super proud of you all and know you will shine in Y1.  


Due to the success of the Y6 tuck shop, our pupils have decided to continue offering their services next week from Monday-Friday.  

All items are priced at 50p, but please remember your child does NOT have to bring money. 

If you wish to send your child with 50p please send in a named envelope, purse or wallet. 

Your contributions are helping support our Y6 children for their end of year school trip. 

Can we say a huge thank you to those parents and children who have already contributed. 


Summer Fair

Our Summer Fair is on Wednesday 10th July 2.00pm - 4.00pm 

Children can be collected from the classroom door and signed out from 2.00pm onwards. 

Friends of Summerfields are kindly accepting donations for their Tombola stall and raffle including...

Small gifts for tombola

Bottles of wine, bubble bath, pop

Sweets & chocolate 

Raffle prizes from local buisness 

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support in events such as the Summer Fair as all funds raised are used to support our children in school. 


Home Learning

There will ne no Home-Learning Challenege set this week.

We please ask that you continue to read with your child and write a comment in their school planner. 


Dates for the Diary

Monday 15th July (Sports Day)  -  1.30pm 

Wednesday 17th July - (End of year disco) F2 - 2.00pm - 3.00pm 






We have had a lovely morning in outdoor Provision this morning. We have had everything from natural art with loose parts to Power Rangers! There have been some wonderful converations and our Tigers have been praising each other so much.

Unfortunately due to lack of parent interest and parental disapproval on Social Media we are no longer holding our sweetie tombola at the Summer Fair.

Thank you.

This week our Year 6 pupils will be holding a Tuck Shop in school every playtime until Friday.

You can send you child with a small amount of money each day (no more than 50p) so that your child can buy from the Tuck Shop. 

Please send the money in a labelled envolope or purse/wallet. 

Thank you 

Our Summer Fair is on the 10th July.

Tomorrow (Friday 28th July) we are having a non school uniform day, and kindly ask that F2 children donate sweets or chocolate towards a Summer Fair stall. 

Thank you for your continued support



Sports Day

We apologise that Sports Day had to be cancelled this week due to the weather. 

Sports Day has been re arranged for the 15th July at the same time of 1.30pm. 



Sports Day

Sports day has been arranged for this Wednesday 26th June at 1.30pm.

Your child is bringing home a slip with additional details of the afternoon.

Your child has been put into a colour group and will be required to wear a t.shirt of that colour. 

Please do not feel you have to buy a top in the correct colour, your child can always wear a their white PE top and will be given a coloured band. 

Please send coloured tops in ASAP, they can be saved in your child's PE bag.


The colour groups are as follows...


Jamie, Bella, Frankie, Jake Hn, Sophie, Charlie.P, Alice, 


Isaac, Rudy, Mia, Jake Hy, Leighton-James, Charlie R, Theo


Yasmin, Alex, Elli, Sammy, Phoebe, Harrison, Tomas


Layla, Amelia, Evie, Lleyton, Ayla, Roman, Elizabeth



We had the most amazing time at The Deep on Wednesday. Our Tigers did us proud, they were so well mannered and sensible and they listened well to instructions, stories and information.

We saw some fantastic sea life and we all enjoyed being in the glass tunnel. We saw a stingray, sharks, clown fish, turtles and so much more and then we went in a glass lift through the water, it was so exciting!

In our workshop we listened to a story about a very hungry river turtle who ended up eating some rubbish that looked like food which had been thrown into the river and it got caught on his face and his neck. Luckily a little girl (one of our Tigers) was walking past and heard his calls for help and was able to free him from the satsuma packaging net. We learnt that it is very important to throw our rubbish in a bin.

We explored the Penguin area and some of us were lucy enough to see a daddy penguin feeding his chick and we felt the ice walls (every time we walked past!). We learnt so much and it was great fun on the coach, some of us were so tired on the way back that we fell asleep! 

A great day was had by all and we have had some lovely work from it, including writing about our day and making turtles in the Creative Area.

We have had the most amazing morning at our Stay and Play. It was lovely to see so many of you here to share in your children's learning and we hope you enjoyed your morning as much as we did. Here are some photos of our morning...


Welcome back to our very last half term together in F2. 

We have lots of fun and exciting learning planned kicking of our very exciting topic of

'Under the Sea' 


Please can we remind you that in order for us to take your child out of school next Wednesday for our trip to the Deep we need you to fill out and return your childs consent form, to give us permission. Please check your child book bag and return this to school asap. 

A contribution to the trip is also required. 


Just to remind you that tomorrow is our Stay and Play.

Thank you to those parents who have signed up to our class picnic we are really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. 



Just a reminder about our whole school trip to The Deep on Wednesday 19th June. 

A contribution of £15.00 is required for our trip to go ahead, and this includes the cost of entry, coach fair and the workshops. 

If you would like to pay in more than one instalment this is possible, please see a member of staff in the office. 

It is important you complete the blue form that was provided with the letter and hand it to a member of staff as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your continued support 

F2 Staff 


Gaming Guy visits the Tigers

Nigel the Gaming guy visited us on Tuesday and showed us some fantastic games. We played games we had never seen before and we had lots of fun whilst doing so! We hope you enjoy the photos, some of us have some funny faces on some of them because they were part of the games!

We are having a few problems accessing Early Essence so we apologise that there have not been any updates for a while. We are trying to get the problem resolved as soon as possible.


If your child has come home in school socks please can you ensure they are returned to us as soon as possible.

If anyone has any spare socks / tights at home that they no longer need that we could have in school to top up our supply we would greatly appreciate it as our supply has completely run out.


Who says rain has to stop play?

This week has been one of the wettest ones yet but the Terrific Tigers did not let this stop them getting outside!

We talked about how the water would always find the quickest path down the soil and how the more water there was the stickier the mud became. We added water from the water area and talked about capacity and weight and we had so much fun! We had to get fully togged up in all our waterproofs and wellies and try to get them off without getting our feet dirty.

Here are some photos of us enjoying our Outdoor area.

The Tour de Yorkshire comes to Summerfields!

Today the Tour de Yorkshire Ladies' race passed our school so we were out in force cheering and clapping them on. Unfortunately our ipad decided to stop working when the bikes went past so there are not any photographs of the cyclists but here are some of us enjoying the atmosphere before they came.

To celebrate the Tour de Yorkshire on Friday school dinner will be having a Yorkshire theme. Rather than the usual Fish and Chips it will be Sausage, Mash and Yorkshire pudding! 


Image result for yorkshire pudding

Before the Easter holidays we were all given a triangle of fabric that we had to draw pictures and patterns all over. Mrs Bates, our EYFS governor then took these triangles home and sewed them together to create some fabulous Tour de Yorkshire bunting. She hasn't just done it for FS2 she has done it for the whole school so that we can trim up the road as the cyclists go past. 

This afternoon we went outside to hang up our bunting and we have to say that it looks amazing! See if you can spot your flag!


As you are aware the Tour De Yorkshire is passing through Royston on Friday. 

We hope you recieved your letter yesterday that explained our most recent time changes to our school day. 

We have taken guidance from the Council with regards to the timings of the road closures etc.

School will be open from 7:45am allowing parents time to drop off and vacate the premises in time for the 8.00am road closures. 

School will then finish at 1:15pm due to the afternoon road closures, and give time for you to enjoy the celebrations with your children. 


Please note that if your car is left on Summer Lane it will be towed away. 


If you have any questions please see a member of the F2 team. 


We would like to say a very big Welcome Back after the Easter Holidays! 

We hope you had a lovely break and made lots of lovely memories with your children. 

Our focus this half term is 'On The Farm' 

During this topic we will be learning lots about the different things that happen on the farm including the animals, the food and the jobs! 

We have lots of exciting things planned so look out for lots of lovely learning. 



Just to remind you tomorrow (Wednesdsy 10th April) is our Easter Disco. If you wish for your child to attend the price is £2.50 a ticket and can be purchaced from the school office. 

Children can bring a change of party clothes in a labelled bag that they will change into before the disco. Children are to be collected at 3.00pm (Normal time) from their classroom door. 

Today we have done our last PE session of the half term, and we are so proud at just how much our children have grown in confidence on the apparatus we have given them to explore. Well Done Team Tiger

F2 have lots of green, muddy fingers. 

This week we have noticed that the Daffodils in our flower bed have started to die.

We decided we wanted to make our flower garden look a little tidier, so some children have put their waterproofs and wellingtons on and explored what they could find in our flower garden. We found all sorts of interesting things including bulbs from old plants and lots of different insects. 




Our Oak Tree

Have you spotted our new Oak Tree hiding in the corner of our outdoor trail area? 

We have had an Oak Tree bought to replace the one we had cut down. 

F2 went to plant this last week. We made a lovely hole for it to sit in and covered it carefully before watering it. We hope that as we grow over the years the Oak Tree will grow with us.


We had a walk around our village this morning as part of our topic. We walked to the Library and then to the Post Office. It was lovely to hear the children talking about the places they recognised and the places they had been.

Phoebe said, "You see that building there? That's where I have my hair cut."

Rudy said, "I can't wait to show you where I went to Nursery."

Harrison said, "That's where I went to Nursery!"

We had a fantastic time in the library listening to a story and learning about borrowing books. We had a good look around and the librarians let us bring some books back to school.

We then went to the post office and because it was quiet the lady in there told us about the things they sell and the things they do. She told us they sell foreign currency for our holidays there, we can send parcels from there and get our passports checked there. Then we posted our special envelopes so watch out for those dropping on your doormats in a couple of days!

Everyone was very kind to us and made our morning fun. 

Well done to the Tigers too, they did us proud.

This afternoon we have had a visit from a First Responder. Emma kindly gave her time to come and speak to us about her voluntary role for the NHS in our local community. We have asked some fabulous questions about Emma's job role and we have learnt some extremely interesting facts.

F2 have a visit from a vicar

Father Craig visited us on Thursday afternoon and he told us all about the work he does in our community. Ayla asked a fabulous question, "Do you just work Sundays?" which led on to Father Craig telling us all about the different things he does. He told us about Christenings, Weddings, Funerals, visiting the elderly, Sunday services and daily prayer services. He told us about the jobs he did before he became a vicar and he told us what he had to do in order to become a vicar.

The Tigers listened so well and Father Craig was very impressed with some of the questions that were asked.

We would like to thank Father Craig for coming into our class to talk to us. 

We are super proud of Bella for recieving an achievement award last night at the town hall for her contribution to Sport. 

Bella is a super star swimmer and has been from a young age.

Well Done Bella, and thank you for bringing in your award to share with us. 


On Friday the 15th of March, we are celebrating Red Nose Day. 

Your child can come to school in non uniform, and we ask that a small donation is made towards the charity. 

If your child has a red nose or other Comic Relief merchandise these can also be worn. 


Our Parents Evening will take place on 4th of April.

Parents evening letters went out on Friday, you should have found these in your child's book bag. 

Thank you to those parents who sent their reply slips back. 

Mrs Jagger has allocated your time slot and the returned slips are in your child's planner. 

Please return Parents Evening Slips as soon as possible as there are particular time slots that are popular and get filled up quickly. 

We look forward to seeing you on the 4th of April. 

If you have any questions please come and speak to a member of the F2 team. 


Here are the finished capes that were made by 6 of our Terrific Tigers and Mrs Bates. We love the added touch of having TT on them. Thank you so much Mrs Bates for doing these with the children, they loved it! Each child will make their own cape throughout this half term.




Today we had so much fun in our outdoor area. We togged up in our waterproofs and wellies and explored making the mud slippery by pouring water on it. We then used this mud to make some yummy food and drink in our mud kitchen!

We had a fabulous time outside and we think these photos show how much we were enjoying our learning and how focused we were. We had lots of super vocabulary linked to time and capacity. 

World Book Day Activities

On World Book Day we had some fantastic activities taking place in our classroom. Have a look at some of the fantastic learning which took place.


This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from one of our mummies who is a dentist. We listened carefully to all of the things that she has to do and we learnt what ABCDE means when the dentist looks in our mouths! We were given our very own dentist mask and mirror so we could look behind our teeth! We learnt how the dentist has a specal chair which tips back and that the dentist has to wear gloves. We also learnt that we should brush our teeth twice a day and try to avoid eating too much sugar. We were given a tooth brushing chart to fill in and we made some of our own tooth fairies.

We had a lovely time hearing about this very special job and want to thank our Superhero dentist for visiting us!

This week we have tasted lots of yummy fruit and vegetables that were featured in the story of The SUPERTATO. We decided our favourite was the red apple. Here are some photographs our our food tasting.

Our World Book Day has got off to an amazing start... just look how wonderful our children look. We are so excited to take part in lots of fun activities today


Tomorrow we are celebrating World Book Day - Thursday 7th March 2019.


Just to remind you, your child can come to school dressed as any book character, however we are having a superhero themed day in F2 so the choice is yours. 


We are also running a lucky dip where your child can win a book. If your child would like to enter there is a small cost of 50p. Please send this money in a named envolope if you wish for your child to take part.


The hot dinner choice tomorrow will be Roald Dahl favourite of Sausage and Mash.

Mrs Bates came into F2 yesterday to use her superpower and help us make some Superhero capes. We are so lucky to have Mrs Bates to help, just look at the work we produced yesterday.

Pancake Day

Today it is Pancake Day so we had some pancakes in class. Mrs Cuthbert showed us how to mix the batter and how to carefully pour it into the pan. We kept a safe distance from the pan and when the pancakes were ready we chose our topping and ate them! They were delicious and some of the Tigers wanted more!

We learnt why some people eat pancakes and we talked about Lent. We also learnt about how different countries within the United Kingdom celebrate pancake day.

Enjoy your pancakes tonight if you are having them!



Over the last few weeks we have been looking at money in our maths learning. 

Today we have got a shop in our classroom and the children have been hard at work buying and selling things in the shop. 

One of our challenges this week is to find the correct value of money to buy fruit and milk from our snack area. 

Today apples are 5p and milk is 20p



This morning we have continued our focus on the story of the SUPERTATO, and used fruit and vegetables to make repeating patterns.

On Thursday 7th of March F2 will be celebrating World Book Day by dressing up. 

As our topic this half term is Superheroes, we thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to have a superhero themed day. 

Your child can dress up as a superhero if they wish, however if your child has a book character they are eager to dress up as this is also fine. 

Please do not go out and spend a fortune on a costume. We have lots of dressing up outfits in school if you are struggling to locate one for your child. 

On Thursday we aim to do lots of exciting activities and celebrate a real love of reading. 

Please see a member of F2 staff if you have any questions 



This half term we are learning to travel in different ways across, under and through different PE apparatus.  

Can we remind you our PE day is on a Tuesday and your child will need black pumps, black shorts and a white top to participate in PE lessons. 

Please can we ask that any earings are removed prior to a PE lesson on Tuesday as we cannot take any earings out for your child. 

Thank you 


This half term we have lots of super exciting learning planned. 

Our new topic title is "Do all superheroes wear a mask?" 

We are combining the cartoon superheroes with our real life people who help us. 

During this topic we hope to have visits from lots of different people who help us in our community, starting this week with our local community police officers. 

Look our for photographs of our visitors. 


We are still looking for parents/carers to vist our children to tell us about their job roles. If you can spare 20 minutes of your time we would be so greatful. 

Please see a member of the F2 team


We have noticed that lots of our Tigers have swapped their book bags for rucksacks. 

They are lovely and we understand they hold more items, but unfortunately we just don't have the space for them in our classroom. 

As you can appreciate our classroom is quiet small and it is difficult to store them. 

We hope you understand.

Kind Regards

F2 Team 


We have had such fun today in our outdoor area. Firstly we spotted lots of fantastic cobwebs which were all covered in frost, we could see the patterns so clearly so we used the Ipads to take some photographs. Then we decided to see how a cobweb was made so we watched some videos on the Ipad and saw how busy the spider has to be to make a web then we decided to make some of our own using peg boards and wool. It took us all morning and we were so fascinated we didn't even notice the cold!


Cardigans and Jumpers 

Please can we ask that you put your child's name in their cardigan or jumper.

We have a collection in our classroom that have no name in them. 

Please feel free to come and have a look to see if any of them belong to your child.  

This morning some of the Tigers explored our new water collection. They had great fun linking tubes and poles with connectors, working with taps, sponges, brushes and pouring water creating some complex water pathways. Their concentration and length of time spent on their learning was incredible and the teamwork and vocabulary was great. 

Lost and Found 

This week we have focused our Literacy learning on a story called Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.

Our literacy trolley was full of small world surprises that have encouraged our children to listen to the story on our listening centre and re-tell the story using the props. 


This week we are so impressed with our guided reading sessions. The children are focusing their learning so well and showing us just how much their reading skills are progressing. We are so proud!

Measuring Penguin Feet 

Today our maths learning has taken us onto measuring. We have been using cubes to measure the length of the penguin feet. We placed the cubes on the feet and then carefully counted how many cubes long the feet were.

We made sensible predictions of how many cubes long we thought the penguin feet would be. 

We then ordered the penguin feet in size order starting with the shortest then the medium sized and finally the longest. We found out the longest penguin foot measured 9 cubes long. 

Later this week we will be using something different to measure with. Look out for more super measuring.

Some fantastic length vocabulary today Tigers good job! 




This afternoon Mrs Cuthbert has given us a real treat and has talked to us about her very special and beautiful wedding day. She brought in photographs of her day and she brought some of the things she had on her wedding day, including her dress! She even let some of us try her dress on! The children were so interested and asked some fantastic questions. Here are some photos of our afternoon.

Phonics at home

This week during our independent learning lots of our children have enjoyed applying their phonic knowledge when using the interactive game Buried Treasure. 

This is an interactive game that you can support your child with at home. 

Its very simple to access just google search for 

Phonics Play 

Free Phonics Play 

Phase 2

Buried treasure. 

The aim of the game is to 'get a coin' 

Fred talk the word

If the word makes sense you put it in the treasure box

If it doesn't make sense we put it in the rubbish bin. 

See what the pirate does when you get the answer correct. 


We had a fantastic time at our party. We danced our socks off, played games and even had a visit from Father Christmas who gave us an early Christmas present! We also had some scrummy party food today and there have been lots of happy full tummies.

Today our cheeky Elf has been around our school taking ELFIES not SELFIES!

Just a reminder of a few dates for your diary over the next two weeks...


Wednesday 12th - Christmas Dinner day - Children can wear a Christmas Jumper on this day with their school uniform. 

Thursday 13th - Performance of Whoops-a-Daisy Angel 10.00am & 1.30pm 



Thursday 20th - Christmas party 

Friday 21st - Break up for Christmas 


Monday 7th January - Back to school 




We love to share different family traditions with our children and this morning was a wonderful oportunity to do this.

One of our parents in F2 informed us that people in Poland celebrate the 6th of December as this is a special day called Saint Nicolas' Day.

This tradition is celebrated on the 6th of December every year and the tradition means that the night before (5th December), St. Nicholas' brings presents for the children including sweets and toys. 

We are so lucky to have recieved lots of lovely sweets to share this tradition with our children in F2. 

This morning our Elf decided to get up to some mischief and draw all over our fruit in the fruit basket.. naughty little Elf

Can you help...

This week the story we are focusing on in our literacy is Stick Man by Julia Donaldson.

If anyone has a copy of the Stick Man DVD please could we borrow it this week please to inspire our circle time hot seating. 

If you can help please see a member of the F2 team.

Thank you for your support.  



Winter Sickness Bug 

 We have quiet a lot of children in school who have been hit with the sickness bug. 

Please can we r