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Welcome to Asia

Home learning journal



Hi Year 3! I hope today finds you happy and safe and doing lots of exciting things at home. We had something exciting happen at home today too - we taught Arlo how to moo like a cow! Do you think this counts as one of his first words? blush


The staff at Summerfields were thinking that it would be a wonderful idea if we could keep a journal of this very different time in our lives. If you would like to join in, record the day, date and activities completed. These can then be emailed over to school. We would love to compile these to keep as a record to come for future years and possibly even get it published! I really hope that you would like to join in with this school project and can't wait to read what you've been up to!


Mrs Rose smiley

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Home learning tasks



I have started a class padlet which you can use to communicate with me. Share any thoughts pictures, work, ideas using Padlet. It is a great way to share what you are up to if you can't email school! Click the link below. All comments and posts are moderated so only Year 3 have access to it.



Week beginning 30th March 2020


Hi everyone, I hope you are stying safe and enjoying the beautiful weather we are having! I miss teaching you all and hope that you are well. I am so sorry that we didn't get to end the year  how we should have done, and I still hope that we will get to see each other again before the year is out. Positive thoughts!


Please find below a list of activities that you can do from home.


It would be FANTASTIC to see what you are up to. You could create a Powerpoint with images of your activities or send the images to school with an explanation! We can then put these on the website. Please email anything over to the school office and it will be passed on to me!


Mrs Rose :)



Can you show different adverbials in the activities you are doing? Time, Reason, Manner or Place.

For example:

This morning, Arlo was drinking his milk. This morning is an adverbial of Time.

Arlo is drinking his milk due to his rumbling tummy. Due to his rumbling tummy is an adverbial of Reason

Arlo is rapidly drinking his milk. Rapidly is an adverb of manner.

Arlo is drinking his milk on the sofa. On the sofa is an adverbial of Place.


Time, Reason, Manner, Place.





Can you create a portrait of Abraham Lincoln? Research his life and present what you find about him. What makes him a superhero?



One of my favourite local artists is Pete McKee. He has started an online cartoon workshop which he updates daily with ideas for drawing cartoons. I wonder if you could complete cartoon style drawings using his techniques?

I'd love to see them!


We would like to brighten your time at home with a gift from the children in school.

We would like to brighten your time at home with a gift from the children in school. 1

Welcome to class Asia. The teacher in the class is Mrs. Rose and she is supported by Mrs. Newton. Our PE day is Friday. We have lots of exciting things happening in year 3 so keep a look out and I will update regularly. 


Home learning


To support parents and children with home learning ideas and resources that may be useful, I have included a wide variety of resources, links and suggestions below that I hope you find helpful!



This a fantastic link to a very comprehensive comprehension unit on fairy tales. It includes short reading extracts, inference tasks, grammar work and vocabulary challenges. Some of the vocabulary is very high level but it would be wonderful if the children could develop their dictionary skills to help them define unknown words.


Oxford Owl are offering a selection free online books for children of all primary ages. Follow the link below to search for books.


In literacy this half term we have been looking at adverbs and adverbials. Year 3 have worked so hard on this that we have extended their challenge to include a full range of adverbials and looking at ways how to place them at the front of sentences followed by a comma. Below is a link to a verb and adverb game the children could use.




In year 3, children are challenged to learn their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables by heart. Please use your logins to Timestables Rockstars to help you learn your times tables facts and increase your speed recalling them!




Our Exploration this half focuses on the question, 'Do all Superheroes wear capes?'. We will be looking at the Transatlantic slave trade and the impact of slavery.



The book we are using to drive the exploration is 'Henry's Freedom Box' by Ellen Levine.

The children research who Henry 'Box' Brown was and look at what he achieved.


We will be studying the key people linked to the slave trade. Children could also research Abraham Lincoln and look at his impact on the slave trade.



These will go out on a Thursday and will be tested the following Tuesday. Spellings can be found stuck into the weekly section of your child's planner.


Please find below some useful links to support spelling in Y3.


Spelling strategies to support your child learning their spellings at home


Really useful free website to practise curriculum spellings.







Picture 1 Year 3 Page 1
Picture 2 Year 3 Page 2

Multiplication with Manipulatives

Multiplication with Manipulatives  1
Multiplication with Manipulatives  2
Multiplication with Manipulatives  3
Multiplication with Manipulatives  4
Multiplication with Manipulatives  5
Multiplication with Manipulatives  6

What makes the world alive? Homework grid

Maths Manipulatives

Maths Manipulatives  1
Maths Manipulatives  2
Maths Manipulatives  3
Maths Manipulatives  4
Maths Manipulatives  5
Maths Manipulatives  6
Maths Manipulatives  7
Maths Manipulatives  8

Another fantastic piece of homework. This a 3D model of a Victorian house.

Christmas Decoration Homework - 29.11.19

Autumn term 2 Homework grid

Please find above the homework grid for Autumn 2. Don't forget to keep reading, practising your times tables and spellings.


Remember if you read 3 or more times in a week you can be entered into our reading challenge competition. Our winner this week was Finley. Well done!

We have had an exciting week taking part in a Karate lesson and baking gingerbread men.


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Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Already this term we have had some super homework handed in. Please have a look at our photographs below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 1

As part of our class reading this half term we are reading A Christmas Carol along with lots of Victorian information text.


Our explore topic this half term investigates the question:

How do our actions shape our future?

We are learning a lot from the Victorians this half term and how their actions affected Britain and how it is still affecting our lives today. We have looked at Queen Victoria and what she was like and what she did. We have also looked at inventions and the differences in the classes and lots, lots more. 

This week we have been looking at working together to write a report about Victorian inventions to present to the class. We have also read a book called 'The Dot' and completed some artwork inspired by the story. Photographs of our art work will be posted soon!


Our class also has a secret mission to show that our actions can shape our futures... more will be revealed in due course!


Please find below more information about what we will be learning this half term.




Self-portraits 1

Our explore topic this half term investigates the question:

Who do you think you are?

We are learning a lot about ourselves and where we live this half term. We are going to be looking at using  atlases and maps to work on our geography skills as well as creating self portraits in art. Photographs of our art work will be posted soon!

We are also exploring what biographies and autobiographies are we will be writing our own.


Please find below more information about what we will be learning this half term.