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Year 5

Welcome! We are Awesome Australians!


We have had a great start to the year. We have delved into our 'Who Do You Think You Are?' topic and we have written autobiographies about ourselves. We have created family trees as part of our homework and we are now looking into the very current topic of Climate Change within second our writing cycle. We are looking at the impact that climate change has on us and the world around us. It is extremely interesting, especially because our research is informing what we write!

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Imagination Gaming

Pirate Day

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Year 5 enjoying their first lesson.

Year 5 enjoying their first lesson. 1
Year 5 enjoying their first lesson. 2
Year 5 enjoying their first lesson. 3
Year 5 enjoying their first lesson. 4

Making Apple Crumble - Lots of maths and reading done while making this master piece

Snow day homework!

Snow day homework!  1

Snow poem pages !

Snow poem pages !  1
Snow poem pages !  2

Find the pdf version of the above documents here!!

Welcome to Year 5!

This is our new areas to fill with all of our wonderful learning! - Lets make it a really exciting place !

If you would like to see some of our other work, please follow us on seesaw! Please let Miss Wroe know if you need a parent login via QR code. 

Year 5 compulsory spelling list

Children are more likely to retain spelling information if it is repetative. Therefore, children will be tested on these spelling during our weekly handwriting practise. They will have time to learn and understand 10 words a week during our 30 minute session. Your child can take these spellings home to develop further or check out the PDF above to see all of the spelling we will be continuing to cover this year along side tricky and common words. 
Picture 1
Congratulations Travis on being my special mention this week. You showed great resilience in our fractions sessions this week! Keep up the hard work :) 

Homework Hero

Homework Hero 1
An outstanding piece of home learning from Archie this week! An amazing fisplay of our solar system as seen through a TV screen!!! Well done :)

The Congratulation Station!!

The Congratulation Station!! 1 Congratulations to our super year 5's this week!
Congratulations to our pupil of the week Leo and our Outstanding writer Robyn! Keep up the excellent work guys! Who will next weeks be..... Watch this space.