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Lighting up January afternoon tea.


Good afternoon,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank your staff and children for hosting a wonderful a afternoon tea yesterday.  The children and atmosphere was beyond words and our customers who attended are still talking about how much they enjoyed the afternoon.



Stephanie Sidebottom

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Microsoft Teams - Home Schooling Reviews from Parents.




Summerfields is doing a great job here. The home schooling I have done with my children has been straightforward and easy to access. 


I’d just like to thank all the teachers for their patience with having to teach a class and those at home, it can’t be easy. Fully appreciative of everything the school have provided and are doing to help us with remote learning.


Well organised, easy to access, good variety of activities (YouTube videos/sheets/creative activities), timetable (8.45am and 2pm) working well for us - good structure. Great support with helpful comments on Dojo.


Pleased the children are doing the same lessons at home as the children in school. This is great for me as my children do a mixture of home learning and in school, and the flow of this is good.


We benefit greatly from the recorded lessons as we can revisit or pause to consolidate learning.


Really pleased with how the school has dealt with this very difficult time! The support has been amazing and so happy I chose this school! Couldn’t ask for better! Big thank you!





Foundation Stage 2 Stay and Play Session.



What did you enjoy about your morning?

Well structured.

Good range of ideas of activities to engage with our little ones.

The opportunity to look in their books - the amount of work in the books is amazing.

The opportunity to see our children happy in their environment.

Chance to meet other parents.

I had a lovely morning.


Additional Comments

You are all doing a fantastic job.



Parent comments from our recent Christmas show.




I just wanted to say how incredibly proud I feel to say my child attends Summerfields.


I think it really showed what commitment the staff have. To stay late (even later than their usual late!) to give the parents and carers the opportunity to see their little stars shine! I’m sure they all have family they would rather be at home with during the festive period.


The fact that you offered an evening show too made it easier for working parents to attend. Not only that it provided more opportunities for other family members to attend and share the experience.


Summerfields may be a small school but it has a massive heart, a real family focused school.

That’s what ethos encourages your pupils to strive in their education.


I hope all the staff at Summerfields have a lovely Christmas 🎄


Warm regards,

Year 2 Parent

A group of Creative Quilters ladies had the pleasure this week to be sharing the dinning hall with Y4 from this academy. I just wanted to send a little note to say how well behaved and polite the children were. They've made fantastic ambassadors for your school and should be praised. Well done Y4s and the staff of course.


Having attended the Visioning meeting this evening, we feel compelled to write and say how incredibly impressed we were with all the children who participated.


In particular, Brayden (apologies if this is misspelled) who sat with us, was wonderfully eloquent, insightful and considered. He provided honest, valuable contributions in an intelligent manner; a real insight into the experiences of the pupils. He expressed himself beautifully and demonstrated a real maturity. He should be very proud of himself!


Best regards

Karen & Simon Field