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Welcome to Class Park

To partner with our Habitat learning this week we have also looked at different animals and their young. We had to correctly identify which baby belonged to which adult, use their correct scientific name, discuss which animal group they fitted into and decide how the babies grown ups would feed them and why they did this in a particular way. I was so so impressed with how much they already knew and how they carried out the activities. Super stars 💖

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!!! Today in Maths we have been making number bonds to 10 and exploring how many ones are in one ten.  Each child was given a tower of cubes and they had to move around the classroom to find their partner, they knew it was the correct partner when the two towers could be added together to make 10.

Super duper proud 👏

Our Science and Exploration learning is well underway. Today we have been looking at different animals and their habitats and the reasons why they are suited to certain environments better than than others. For example Food and water supply 💧 🍽,  Shelter, and Predators 🦁🐯🐅

Our next step for our Rainbow Fish Art Project🌈 🐟 Today we have designed and labelled our beautiful artwork. We cannot wait to bring our creations to life 🙌

This afternoon we have had our Artist hats on. We have sketched the Rainbow fish 🐟  ready to label and design before we make it. How exciting. Keep your eyes peeled for the next step 👀👀😁

I am so incredibly proud of our Year ones today we have well and truly hit the ground running. In English we are reading The Rainbow Fish 🐟 They did an incredible job at predicting, retelling and sequencing the story 😀 👏 📚

We love Maths. This half term we are looking at place value within 20. We have been identifying tens and one and representing them in different ways. Superstars ✨️✨️✨️✨️

Some of our maths learning from this week. Show me what shape you can make 💪

Say hello to the bomb disposal squad. All 3 of our visitors have jobs in The British Army in the Royal Engineers and Royal Logistics. We are extremely lucky to have them in school! 

🚂 Polar Express Day 🚂

Tickets please!! 


Here it is our Great Fire of London Monument!!!

We have had the best day 🥰

We have been extremely lucky to access so many activities linked to our learning today. Ask your little learner what information they were able to share and what new learning they saved in their memory boxes 🧠

We rebuilt London after it had burnt and discussed what we would like in it and why 👷‍♂️
We thought carefully about the structure of new houses to make sure a disaster like this never happened again 🏘
We used some old fire brigade equipment when the first fire brigade was formed 👨‍🚒
We made our own fire plaques and these needed to be displayed in windows so the fire team knew where to come and back in 1666 you had to pay for these 🔥

This afternoon we worked hard to make our own Great Fire of London Monument.

First we had to make the stone in the quarry 🪨
Then we loaded it on to the boat to cross the River Thames and we even got a little ride 🚢
We then needed to transfer the stone in a cart to the correct location map📍
Where we were then able to start building it 👷‍♂️ 👷‍♀️
We then designed the top of our Monument which looked absolutely incredible 👏

Keep your eyes peeled 👀 👀

What a brilliant day here are some more of our activities 😀

Using a poker to knock down walls 🧱
Using a hooker to take down thatched roofs 🏠
Using Gunpowder to create gaps between our tudor houses 🏘
Working as a team to create water lines to put out the fire 🔥
Deciding what we would pack if we were evacuated from London 🧳

Some fabulous activities underway 😀

Writing using a quill and ink ✍️
Using an oven to bake some wonderful treats 😋
Using bayonets to form our own army 💪
Weaving and thatching to build a house 🏠
Plague doctors finding the houses that are infected and making them better 😷

What a gorgeous afternoon spent reading with out nearest and dearest. Thankyou to everyone for coming 😁

Using our gross motor , turn taking, balancing and instructing skills this morning in PE with Mr Rollinson 😁 I love how our class support each other and boost each others confidence ❤️

Thankyou so much for all of your wonderful Christmas decorations and creations our school Christmas trees are looking fabulous 🎄❤️

Lots of fun had by all this morning with Nigel from Imagination gaming 😀 I really enjoyed joining in and seeing the kids problem solve, turn take and work as team 🥰

Yesterday we took part in our sponsored fitness event - Our Y1s did a fabulous job and worked so hard 🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🤾🏼‍♀️🏆

The finished product 🙌 Our Explore display is complete!

This Morning we have been on a 3D shape hunt. Our Y1s found and identified the 3D shapes amazingly well and explained their features and what made them different from each other. Super work you lot ⭐️

What a wonderful afternoon! Thank-you so much to those of you who made it I hope you enjoyed sharing some valuable learning time with your childs(s). I hope they were able to share some fun facts with you about our learning so far 🥰

This afternoon we have been designing our tudor houses 🏘 Which we are extremely excited to make on Wednesday. So much time and care went into their designs with lots of discussion. We then added details and colour just to bring it to life on the page. Well done Year 1 ⭐️

This morning we have some very special visitors in school. They are telling us all about their job and what they do to keep the community safe.
Our questions have been incredible so far and we are super excited to see some of their kit and have a look at their police car 🚔

Working incredibly hard in our maths this week using number lines to solve our number sentences 😃 Well done Y1 X

This afternoon we looked at some of our antibullying week activities. We discussed what bullying was and how we could perhaps support or help someone who was/is being bullied. We had some wonderful ideas 💡 some highlighted on the pictures 📸

We then talked about making sure our Y1 team was strong and that I would hope no bullying would ever occur in our class even as they move throughout school when adults in the team change. We connected ourselves using string and saying kind things about each other representing our kindness as strength we then talked about what would happen if we used unkind words, hands, feet and gestures and the string broke showing how one unkind thing can effect many especially if you are all on the same team.

It was a lovely calming afternoon 😊

This morning we had some very special visitors at Summerfields 🚒👨‍🚒🔥 How incredible. We were able to look at all of their tools, kit and water store. Ask lots of amazing questions and of course have a seat in the fire engine. Lots of happy children indeed 😊

We have been discussing how people worked together and put out the fire 🔥 and how that looks different to our modern day society. People from everywhere in London came together to collect buckets of water from the River Thames 💧 They then passed it up the line and the person at the end threw it on the fire and ran back to the beginning of the line to start the process again. Today we practiced this and beat our personal best at 20 seconds. Great teamwork you lot 👏

This week we have started our new Explore topic. How do our actions shape our future? As part of this we are looking at The Great Fire of London 🔥💥 We have looked at how and why it happened and how much damage it caused. We have explored why the fire spread so quickly and this was due to the housing. Tudor houses we close together made of highly flammable materials such as wood, straw and tar.

Today we made some Tudor houses using our fine motor skills 👌 We cannot wait to make them on a bigger scale!

This week we have looked at so much and our conversations, discussions, questioning has been incredible. Keep up the brilliant work year 1 💫 

Here are a few pics of us discussing and ordering the acts of Guy Fawkes 😃

Working hard this morning sorting and ordering the events leading up to and after The Great Fire of London. Exceptional team work year 1 🔥💥😊

This week in Maths we have been looking at addition we had so much fun forming and making number sentences in different ways 😀 



Number sentence challenges, which involved writing on the table ✍️. Shhh don't tell anyone.

Using number sentence vests to help Miss Dooling master her number sentence skills 👏 

And human number sentences 😊

Our Geography work based on the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 We looked at what countries make up the UK and their capital cities. We even had a go at drawing the flags. They look incredible!

Wow wow wow! I am so so impressed with our Year ones this week. Yesterday we looked at coordinates and located different things in our local area. We then put our own twist on it and drew different things using our own coordinates. They did so well at remembering the rule 🌐

Following on from our walk around Royston last week we have spent this week creating our own maps of our local area. They really are fantastic! 🌳🐕🚙🏠

The most amazing walk exploring and talking about our local and seeing what it has to offer. Our years ones we so polite to  members of the public and were very considerate as they carried out their normal everyday routine 🤗

We walked and walked and walked and our Year ones absolutely smashed it. 

We walked passed the care home 🏡 
Identified the playing field ⚽️
Passed the police station 🚔 
Went into the library 📚 
Went into the swimming baths 🏊‍♀️ 
Bought something from the shop 😋 
Crossed some busy roads 🚦
Passed the pharmacy and doctors 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
Walked through the park  🌳
Passed the church ⛪️ 
Walked by the post office 📮
Then made our way back to school 🏫 

A very busy morning indeed!

World Mental Health Day 🌎

We reflected on what mental health is and if everyone has it. The children were so clued up and knew that everyone had mental health but that it is all different 😁😔😌

We reflected on Mrs Tabbner's book from yesterday and discussed whether it is better to be a bucket filler (someone who does kind things) or a bucket dipper (someone who does unkind things to make people sad). It is safe to say your children are a credit to you.

We looked at the colour monster story and discussed all of the feelings and just look at some of their interpretations 🤗

We then discussed what makes us... Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Calm and Loved and we represented these in picture form in our own 
feelings jar. Some fantastic work indeed 

So if your feeling are all jumbled up take a breathe and sort them into your own feeling jars 😊

WOW!!! What a week. We continue to write our letters to Beegu in our English sessions which we will be posting at the post office next week ✏️📑📮


In Science we have been learning about healthy and unhealthy lifestyles and how to maintain a healthy balanced diet. 🍌🥦🥔🥩🧀🍿


In Maths we have been mastering our part part whole technique and reasoning. Incredible work year 1 well done!! 


And we have enjoyed some reading with our favourite reading buddies. A big thankyou to all of the adults who attended 🥰




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Any work for children at home that is put on to class pages will be to print off at home only. 

Due to health and safety issues we will not be providing paper copies for children at home.


You can put your answers on a sheet and take a photo to send in or put them onto a word document and email in. 


Due to updated government guidance we can no longer provide additional reading books for home. Please read the books you have, look at magazines, share stories from your bookshelf and use our online links to support your child’s reading.

Any books returned to school will be left in a box until we can clean them for the safety of staff and pupils. Many thanks for your continued support in these difficult times.

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