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Welcome to Class Scott

Online safety talk - Sourh Yorkshire Police

Long division using concrete and pictorial

Semi-Colons - we love them!

We looovvvve maths

Rocking the sock

Biography by Talon

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Assessing our starting positions this week - amazing attitude and effort from Team6

Maths 10/100/1000 work

Already have some winners in Year 6 - well done girls

New year, new start and new challenges; however, the same ethos applies - work hard and then play hard!

Maths Manipulatives

Year 6 Hoodies

PACT champs

Maths Word Wheels


This week we have been looking at what TAX is and why we need to pay it. We have also looked at national insurance as well. Take a look at what we have been working on by pressing the links below

WW2 and who was who

Historical events that helped shape our future

Math Antics - Multiplying Fractions

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Crucial Crew 2021

Multiplication Mash Up - A Fun Way to Learn Your Multiplication Facts!

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Civil Rights Act of 1964 | Montgomery Bus Boycott for Kids | Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King

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Adding Fractions with Different Denominators

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Math Antics - Adding and Subtracting Fractions

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Math Antics - Simplifying Fractions

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Remembrance Day

September 2020!


Good morning everyone I am in the process of getting everything ready for your return in September. I am really excited about the things Mrs. Moxon and I have got planned for you and most of all excited about seeing you all again. It has been a while since some of you have been in school and know some of you will be nervous about coming back and some of you will be extra nervous about the fact that you are in year 6 but, don't be! We are going to work hard and have some fun along the way. 

Enjoy your last weekend of the summer holidays and, I will see you all on Thursday.

Mrs. Wakefield 

Rosie’s artwork

Any work for children at home that is put on to class pages will be to print off at home only. 

Due to health and safety issues we will not be providing paper copies for children at home.


You can put your answers on a sheet and take a photo to send in or put them onto a word document and email in. 


Mr Marsh

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Big Hotels

Mrs. Wakefield's bubble

This week we have been looking at the Civil Rights movement, in particularly Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech. We have written these poems about our dreams for the future for the world. 


Mr Marsh

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Big Hotels

Mr Marsh

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Worry Webs in the woodlands area

Mr Marsh

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Mr Marsh - saying hello

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Due to updated government guidance we can no longer provide additional reading books for home. Please read the books you have, look at magazines, share stories from your bookshelf and use our online links to support your child’s reading.

Any books returned to school will be left in a box until we can clean them for the safety of staff and pupils. Many thanks for your continued support in these difficult times.

Literacy home learning week beginning 18th May 2020


Good morning Year 6! I hope you have had a wonderful week and have continued ot complete many wonderful activities with your family.


This week, for a literacy task, I have been looking into KS3 activities, as very soon you will be moving onto the next stage of your academic careers. The following task has been set for KS3 pupils, and I know that our Year 6 superstars will be able to take on the challenge! Good luck!

As you’ve probably heard the adults around you say a lot recently, these are ‘unprecedented’ times.  This is a moment in history that you will never forget.

Try out some of these writing activities to capture your thoughts and feelings during lockdown.


A letter to your future self

Write a letter to your future self about this strange and new way of life.

Use the questions below to help you come up with some ideas, and then make a note of what each paragraph will be about, before you begin writing.


Questions to spark your ideas

  • How long have you been in lockdown so far?
  • Thinking back to when you heard that schools were closing, can you remember how you felt? Excited? Frightened? Or something else? How have your feelings changed?
  • What do you miss most? What don’t you miss at all?
  • What have been the highlights so far? What have been the most difficult aspects of lockdown?
  • What have you learned about yourself that you didn’t already know? For example, are you more easily bored than you thought, do you like or dislike particular structures and routines, or have you learned something about your tolerance levels of other people’s behaviour, of change or of your self-discipline?
  • How has your family reacted to life in lockdown? How have their lives changed? Have you learned anything about them that you didn’t know before?
  • How have your friends reacted to life in lockdown? Have your relationships changed? What have you talked about or shared?
  • What do you think you’ll remember most about this moment in history?

Paragraph plan





















Who needs SATS anyway'

Something for my year 6 class

FUN SATS - Printout and please have a go, or ask school to come and pick a pack up to work on.

Literacy home learning tasks - week beginning 11th May

Hello everyone! How has your week been? I hope are safe and well and have had fun with all the VE day celebrations!


I have set the following challenge for my year 3s as well to mark National Limerick Day! It would be wonderful to see what you can all come up with!


Literacy - Did you know that National Limerick Day is on 12th May in the UK to mark the birthday of Edward Lear, the English writer known for his works of nonsensical prose and poetry? As a family, why not read and enjoy some limericks on Tuesday this week?


Limericks follow a pattern. In a limerick the first, second and fifth lines have the same rhythm and rhyme. The third and fourth lines rhyme with each other too.


Limerick:  There was an Old Man Who Supposed

by Edward Lear

There was an Old Man who supposed,
That the street door was partially closed;
    But some very large rats,
    Ate his coats and his hats,
While that futile old gentleman dozed.


Could you create your own laugh-along limericks? Why not have a go and illustrate your poems! Good luck!

CGP - Free resources

Photos from the boys

Maths - Place Value and All operations

Literacy home learning week beginning 4th May

Good morning Year 6! How are you all? I hope you have had a safe, happy and healthy weekend.

This week, I have set you a vocabulary builder task. The Literacy Shed have been uploading amazing words that are massively underused but fantastically descriptive. I have screenshotted seven of these examples below on the slideshow, and would love to see if you can use them in your own sentences. Let's see who can use them effectively! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Remember to send your work in to the school office for us to see, we love seeing what you have been up to and miss teaching you all!

Have a wonderful week one and all!

Mrs Rose :)

Literacy home learning week beginning 4th May

Literacy home learning week beginning 27th April 2020


Good morning Year 6! How are you all today? I hope you are all well and safe and keeping busy!


Did you use the National Oak Academy or the BBC bitesize websites last week? What are your thoughts? Let me know how you are getting on. If you didn't have the chance, look this week at their new learning content.


I've thought of a fantastic literacy task for you this week...and it involves food!


One of my favourite shows on the TV is the 'Great British Menu'. Every year, wonderful chefs are given a special event to design menus for, and this year - to celebrate 200 years of Oliver Twist - the chefs have to design 4 courses of food based on children's books. How fantastic is that? I bet you guys could do the same. Some example dishes can be seen below.


Beef Wellington served like they do at Hogwarts                


A golden chocolate bar based on  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I think I would make Mr Twit's spaghetti (minus the worms) for a main dish and Ron Weasley's favourite treacle tart for pudding.


I would love you to design your own Great British Children's Book Menu.


We need to make sure we include fantastic grammar to grab attention and I want your work to be really persuasive. A fantastic tool for writing persuasively is DAFOREST. Have a look at the image below to help.

Can you persuade me that your meal would be the best choice for a banquet?


Challenge - I wonder if any of you could make any of your designs? They would be fantastic to see!

Remember to send in your work so we can see what you have been up to!

I hope you enjoy this week's tasty work!

Mrs Rose :)

Can you begin to write a journal of your life during this world pandemic

Literacy home challenge - week beginning 13th April

Good morning Year 6 - I hope this finds you eating loads of chocolate and enjoying the Easter weekend.

I've got the answers for you for last week's emoji challenge.

How many did you get?



This week, I would love you to apply your understanding of the subjunctive mood to the current situation with the NHS. The NHS heroes are doing an amazing job in very difficult circumstances and the pandemic that we are living in highlights that they need more funding and support. Could you write a pargarph applying the subjunctive mood to show what you would like to see in the future and what might happen if we don't support them?


Remember - the subjunctive mood makes demands and requests in formal situations and speaks about imaginary ideas.


E.g. If we were to give more funding to the NHS, ……...

I request that....I suggest that.... I demand that...


Good luck and happy (or should that be hoppy) writing


Literacy home challenge - week beginning 6th April 2020


Hi Year 6! I hope this morning finds you well after a lovely sunny weekend.


This morning I've got a brain teaser for you. Below is an image with SPAG terms recreated using emojis. How many can you work out? I found this really tricky, I hope you and your famiies can do better than me! I will post the answers next week. Email your answers into the school office and I hope you have a fantastic week!


Mrs Rose:)

James hard at it with his Maths - well done mate

We would like to brighten your time at home with a gift from the children in school.


Lots to learn in Life Skills making a Weather Station

Science - classification

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Crucial Crew Part 3

Crucial Crew Part 2

Crucial Crew Part 1

Place Value - maths manipulatives

Hearing about the job or a soldier on the frontline

Maths Manipulative Morning with co-ordinates

Subjunctive Form

Hi guys! Here's an explanation of the subjunctive form! It's really easy if I'm honest, check it out!! :)

Math Antics - Angle Basics

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Math Antics - Finding A Percent Of A Number

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Learn how to add two mixed numbers with unlike denominators

Learn how to add and subtract mixed numbers. Mixed numbers are numbers with two parts: the whole number part and the fraction part. Mixed numbers are ways to represent improper fractions using proper fractions.