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Summerfields Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Here at Summerfields Primary Academy the children are at the centre of everything we do.


Through our curriculum we aim to ‘Open up the world’ to our pupils.


Staff have worked collaboratively to ensure we have a shared vision for what we believe is important in the wider curriculum for the pupils in school. These key principles then underpin our planning and explorations.


At Summerfields our curriculum is driven by these key principles:

  • Globalisation
  • Community
  • Possibilities - real life and outdoor experiences
  • Respect and tolerance - other cultures / RE
  • The Arts and creativity - Cultural capital
  • Growth
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Active physical education
  • Democracy


Our curriculum:

Is inspiring, have breadth, link to real life, develop community, be fluid and child led, be current, involve a variety of resources both human and material, celebrate learning, encourage enquiry and be varied, have purpose, develop knowledge, be local and global and enable children to learn skills for their futures.


Curriculum implementation and concepts

Our curriculum will be delivered by class teachers and support staff using their key skills and abilities. This means that the children in school may be taught by different adults for different subjects. It is our aim that the school will deliver exciting and engaging sessions where children will become immersed in the subject being taught. They will become a scientist, an author, a mathematician, a historian, a geographer etc.


Teachers will work in year group teams, FS2, KS1, lower KS2 and upper KS2, to plan topics which draw on the government requirements whilst taking into account the curriculums from other providers which we feel meet the needs and ethos of our school. They will use a variety of teaching techniques, styles and environments to ensure that topics come alive and spark enthusiasm for learning and a want to learn more. As a school we will provide enrichment and curriculum enhancement through visits and activities which bring the topics being covered to life for the pupils. Where possible we will think ‘outside the box’ to develop our pupils into rounded learners and thinkers.


English: Writing is taught through a range of exciting stimuli which includes books, film clips, artefacts, visitors and real life experiences. We strive to equip children to develop a rich vocabulary which can help them bring their writing to life. Basic skills and non-negotiables underpin writing in all areas of the curriculum. Teachers model the writing process and demonstrate the ambitious high standards expected of all children. Every child is encouraged to let their imagination and personality shine through in their writing.


Reading is a fundamental part of learning at Summerfields. Children are exposed to high quality texts across the curriculum and reading skills are taught explicitly in all year groups through reciprocal reading. Alongside the skills of decoding and comprehension, we encourage children to think as a reader and discuss their preferences, likes and dislikes. Reading for pleasure is a cornerstone of our approach, with a well-stocked and well organised school library which children access both within the timetable and in their own time. Children are also given books to take home and read with a section in their planners to record home reading and rewards given for this. The high profile of reading in school is further enhanced by the collection of interesting vocabulary to use in their own work.


If you need to know any more about the curriculum, please contact the school for more information or to discuss this further.