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Summerfields Curriculum

Curriculum intent

Here at Summerfields Primary Academy the children are at the centre of everything we do. Our fundamental aim is that our school values of Enjoyment, Growth, Resilience and Respect will support each individual on their learning journey.

Enjoyment, Growth, Resilience, Respect

Through our curriculum we aim to ‘Open up the world’ to our pupils.

Staff have worked collaboratively to ensure we have a shared vision for what we believe is important in the wider curriculum for the community of our school.  These key principles then underpin our planning and explorations.


At Summerfields our curriculum is driven by these key principles (what?):

  • Globalisation
  • Community
  • Possibilities – real life and outdoor experiences
  • Respect and tolerance – other cultures/RE
  • The Arts and creativity – Cultural capital
  • Growth
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Active physical education
  • Democracy


Our curriculum will:

Be inspiring, sharing the best that has been thought and said, have breadth, link to real life, develop community and children’s social, moral and cultural attitudes, be fluid and child led, be current, involve a variety of resources both human and material, celebrate learning, encourage enquiry and be varied, have purpose, develop knowledge linked to the aims of the National curriculum, celebrrate the 9 protected characteristics, be local and global and enable children to learn skills for their futures as educated citizens.  Thus engendering an appreciation of creativity and achievement.

Curriculum Policy