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Welcome to Class Einstein

Our new topic is 'How does change help us to learn, grow and succeed?'
We have kicked off our topic with a P4C ( Philosophy for Children activity).

What do you think our object is?


Embellishing our Tudor portraits

Our Tudor portraits.

The Gaming Guy.Year three have enjoyed a variety of board games today and shown our school value of ENJOYMENT.

Sea Creature Clay Work

Chick Visitors

World Book DAY 2024

We have been learning about how volcanoes are created and then we have made our own volcanoes!




This week we are testing out how to mark make on clay ready to make our clay sea creatures. There are some really fab tiles that are pieces of art in their own right. Well done Year 3.

We are learning about forces in science.

We are learning our 8 times tables. We love using manipulatives!

What are the seas called that surround Britain and Europe?

Our new topic is called 'What makes the world go round?'
We will be learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, oceans, sea creatures and lost more.
We have begun our topic by learning to use 4 figure grid references.

We have been making roman coins from clay this week. I wonder if our coins will help us travel back in time like the children in our class story?!

We have been learning about the Romans in our new topic 'How do our actions shape our futures?'

Today we have been learning about why and how the Romans built roads and towns. we have designed and named our own Roman towns.

Happy Halloween!

We have been learning to add and subtract mentally but first we need to practise with the place value counters.






We have been lucky to have the weather help us out with our literacy this morning. We have got to the part in our story where we are describing a storm and what is the weather like outside? Stormy! Perfect. 


Some fantastic group work to write a guided description. 

Sometimes we need a brain break...






EEEHH Macarena!

Our finished pieces of art...

We have been busy creating art work this week...

We have had a fantastic day out today at Rabbit Ings. We have been on a mini beast hunt and we have completed some pond dipping. We have definitely had the weather on our side too.

In science we have been learning all about healthy diets.

In our 'Who do you think you are?' Explore topic we have been learning about maps and what the different OS map symbols represent. We have also been making our own maps of Royston.



Soon we are going on a trip to Rabbit Ings to see what the local area is like and how the land is now used after the pit has closed. We will also be learning about wildlife and plants native to Britain. 

Welcome back to school Year three!


We have been learning to count in 100's.

Num8er D4y

This week year three have been using arrays to show and work out multiplication facts. They love a bit of practical work as it helps them to understand the concepts and visual them too. In our Explore work we have learnt about Roman Soldiers and we have made our own Roman coin calendars.

This week the Fabulous Faradays have been learning all about Pompeii. We are also writing our own ‘Escape from Pompeii’ stories in literacy. In maths we are beginning a new topic on multiplication and division.


Multiplication Mash Up - A Fun Way to Learn Your Multiplication Facts!

Tons of MATH VIDEOS here: My mission is to math FUN, make it CLICK, and make it STICK!Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE...

‘Who do you think you are?’

Year 3 have had a really exciting half-term. We have learnt lots in our Explore topic ‘Who do you think you are?’ and enjoyed our trip to Rabbit Ings to explore the local area and creating special pieces of artwork that represent us.

Meet the Teacher

Say hello to your new class teacher in September Y3

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A Message from Mrs Rose w/c 13th July

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A Message from Mrs Rose - w/c 6th July 2020

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A message from Mrs Rose - w/c 29th June

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WC 29th June

Home Learning WC 22nd June

Fantastic news report by George!

A message from Mrs Rose w/c 22nd June 2020

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Any work for children at home that is put on to class pages will be to print off at home only. 

Due to health and safety issues we will not be providing paper copies for children at home.


You can put your answers on a sheet and take a photo to send in or put them onto a word document and email in. 


WC 8th June

Mr Marsh - Summer Term 2

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Mr Childs

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Take a look at what Mr Child’s had to say

Due to updated government guidance we can no longer provide additional reading books for home. Please read the books you have, look at magazines, share stories from your bookshelf and use our online links to support your child’s reading.

Any books returned to school will be left in a box until we can clean them for the safety of staff and pupils. Many thanks for your continued support in these difficult times.

Home learning week beginning 18th May 2020


Good morning year 3! How are you all this week? I hope you have had a fun, safe a happy week and have completed lots of fantastic activities with your families.


This week, I thought it would be fab to make science the focus of your work. One unit we have not covered yet is light. Below is a video that is a great introduction to the topic to get you thinking. It shows you a selection of different light sources - not sauces like ketchup! (Can anyone remember the name for words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings?)


Your challenge is to draw and explain what light sources are. Can you illustrate an image that shows a selection of different light sources? Furthermore, could you find and explain a selection of natural and man made light sources? I would also like you to practise applying your 3/4 spellings in your explanation. Words that would be appropriate for you to use in your explanation are below in a list. Feel free to use as many as you can think of!

  • actual/actually
  • appear
  • disappear
  • important
  • learn
  • natural
  • therefore
  • various


If you want to play games to practise your spellings also, Spelling City allows you to play a sample game with your spellings online.

You can input the words and choose a sample game to practise them. You will also find the words in the word list section on the 3/4 spellings on Spelling Frame.



If you are really confident with these spellings, you could try and use the following year 5/6 spelling list words. Please use a dictionary if you are unsure of the meaning of any words.

  • environment
  • especially
  • excellent
  • explanation
  • lightning
  • vehicle




More fantastic home learning by Year 3 - keep sending in your wonderful pictures!

Maths Learning and Project Work 18-5-2020

Literacy home learning tasks - week beginning 11th May

Hello everyone! How has your week been? I hope you are all safe and well and have had fun with all the VE day celebrations! If you had your own special VE day, please send in pictures so we can see what you have all been up to!


This week, I have a selection of tasks for you to do and enjoy.


Literacy - Did you know that National Limerick Day is on 12th May in the UK to mark the birthday of Edward Lear, the English writer known for his works of nonsensical prose and poetry? As a family, why not read and enjoy some limericks on Tuesday this week?


Limericks follow a pattern. In a limerick the first, second and fifth lines have the same rhythm and rhyme. The third and fourth lines rhyme with each other too.


Limerick:  There was an Old Man Who Supposed

by Edward Lear

There was an Old Man who supposed,
That the street door was partially closed;
    But some very large rats,
    Ate his coats and his hats,
While that futile old gentleman dozed.


Could you create your own laugh-along limericks? Why not have a go and illustrate your poems! Good luck!


Video reading of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Every week, a new chapter is being uploaded to the following website. The first chaper is read by none other than Harry Potter himself - the actor, Daniel Radcliffe!


Rainbow photo challenge

I have seen many different creative ways that people have come up with to recreate rainbows. This week, I would love you to go and recreate the rainbow with photography. See of you can find all the colours on your walks and around your house. I'm going to do this with Arlo this week - let's compare our pictures!


CGP - Free resources

Maths Summer learning

Wow - Connor has been hard at work with a variety of topics! What amazing effort Connor, and it looks like you have been having such a wonderful time!

Wonderful work by Dylan! What a star! Keep it up!

Home learning literacy tasks - week beginning 4th May 2020

Good morning everyone! How are you today? I hope you have all had lovely weekends and have kept safe, busy and happy. How did you get on last week with the literacy task? I hope you had lots of tasty fun! :) Please remember to keep me updated on the work that you get up to. You can email things to school for me to look at or you can continue to upload work and images to our Padlet. It is so lovely to see what you are all up to! I miss teaching you all and hope you and your families are well.


I hope that you are all enjoying discovering new books during the lockdown. I have just bought a new book called 'The Boy at the Back of the Class', which is about a refugee boy moving to a new school and struggling to fit in. I'm looking forward to seeing how he copes with the changes.

Arlo's favourite book this week is the 'Dizzy Dinosaurs' pop up book. It is really beautiful and he loves seeing the scary dinosaurs pop out! I know some of our Year 3 children will approve of his book choice!


This week, I think it would be great to recap your use of direct speech. Remember that this is when you identify words that have been spoken directly through the use of inverted commas (speech marks).


"I can't wait to get back to school!" said Mrs Rose excitedly.


Remember to use SCAPS to help you punctuate your direct speech.


Speech marks

Capital letter

Actual words

Punctuation - before you close the...

Speech marks



If you could have a conversation with absolutely anyone in the world right now, who would it be and what would you say? I would love you to imagine the conversation and record it using speech punctuation. Below is a challenge sheet to guide and support you. Good luck guys and I can't wait to see what you create!


More fantastic work from Jessica!

George showing his amazing dancing skills from home!

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Maths May calendar

This weeks maths work

Home learning week beginning 27th April 2020


Good morning to the fantastic Year 3s! How are you all today? I hope you have enjoyed the lovely sun this weekend, I think it is the last bright weather we are going to see for a week or so unfortunately!


Did you use the National Oak Academy or the BBC bitesize websites last week? What are your thoughts? Let me know how you are getting on. If you didn't have the chance, look this week at their new learning content.


I've thought of a fantastic literacy task for you this week...and it involves food! laugh

One of my favourite shows on the TV is the 'Great British Menu'. Every year, wonderful chefs are given a special event to design menus for, and this year - to celebrate 200 years of Oliver Twist - the chefs have to design 4 courses of food based on children's books. How fantastic is that? I bet you guys could do the same. Some example dishes can be seen below.


Beef Wellington served like they do at Hogwarts                


A golden chocolate bar based on  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I think I would make Mr Twit's spaghetti (minus the worms) for a main dish and Ron Weasley's favourite treacle tart for pudding.


I would love you to design your own Great British Children's Book Menu.


We need to make sure we include fantastic grammar to grab attention.

  • Please make sure your determiners are accurate - use 'a' when the following word begins with a consonant and 'an' when it begins with a vowel.
  • You need to include high level, descriptive expanded noun phrases to appeal to your audience.
  •   A video to help you recap what expanded noun phrases are, and below is a word mat to support your descriptions.

Challenge - I wonder if any of you could make any of your designs? They would be fantastic to see!

Remember to send in your work or upload it to Padlet - the link is at the top of the page.

I hope you enjoy this week's tasty work!

Mrs Rose :)

Home learning with Year 3 by George and Jessica

Check out this maths learning folks

A request from Barnsley hospital - I bet some of our talented Y3 artists would love to get involved!

Libby hard at work using the new National Oak Academy Website

Home learning tasks week beginning 20th April 2020


Good morning Year 3! How has your week been? I hope you have had a wonderful Easter week and enjoyed the sunshine as much as we have. This week I have been making salt dough characters with Arlo. The only problem is that he doesn't like getting his hands dirty! Oh dear!


This week, two new homeschooling websites have been launched and they look great! One is the Government run Oak National Academy. They run a daily program for literacy, maths and topic subjects wich follow a pattern for the week.

This week's work includes applying adverbials, which you guys are already awesome at!


The second one is an updated version of BBC bitesize. They now have daily lessons following a weekly set plan and again look fantastic!

This week the literacy focuses on nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs which would be fantastic for you to recap! Go and have a look!



Please try these out this week guys and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your feedback comparing both the sites.


Remember to keep letting me know what you have been up to! You can email work into school via the office email or post on our class Padlet.


Have a wonderful week everyone!

Mrs Rose :)

More maths

We would like to brighten your time at home with a gift from the children in school.

Welcome to class Asia. The teacher in the class is Mrs. Rose and she is supported by Mrs. Newton. Our PE day is Friday. We have lots of exciting things happening in year 3 so keep a look out and I will update regularly. 


Home learning


To support parents and children with home learning ideas and resources that may be useful, I have included a wide variety of resources, links and suggestions below that I hope you find helpful!



This a fantastic link to a very comprehensive comprehension unit on fairy tales. It includes short reading extracts, inference tasks, grammar work and vocabulary challenges. Some of the vocabulary is very high level but it would be wonderful if the children could develop their dictionary skills to help them define unknown words.


Oxford Owl are offering a selection free online books for children of all primary ages. Follow the link below to search for books.


In literacy this half term we have been looking at adverbs and adverbials. Year 3 have worked so hard on this that we have extended their challenge to include a full range of adverbials and looking at ways how to place them at the front of sentences followed by a comma. Below is a link to a verb and adverb game the children could use.




In year 3, children are challenged to learn their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables by heart. Please use your logins to Timestables Rockstars to help you learn your times tables facts and increase your speed recalling them!




Our Exploration this half focuses on the question, 'Do all Superheroes wear capes?'. We will be looking at the Transatlantic slave trade and the impact of slavery.



The book we are using to drive the exploration is 'Henry's Freedom Box' by Ellen Levine.

The children research who Henry 'Box' Brown was and look at what he achieved.


We will be studying the key people linked to the slave trade. Children could also research Abraham Lincoln and look at his impact on the slave trade.



These will go out on a Thursday and will be tested the following Tuesday. Spellings can be found stuck into the weekly section of your child's planner.


Please find below some useful links to support spelling in Y3.


Spelling strategies to support your child learning their spellings at home


Really useful free website to practise curriculum spellings.







Multiplication with Manipulatives

What makes the world alive? Homework grid

Maths Manipulatives

Another fantastic piece of homework. This a 3D model of a Victorian house.

We have had an exciting week taking part in a Karate lesson and baking gingerbread men.


Already this term we have had some super homework handed in. Please have a look at our photographs below.

As part of our class reading this half term we are reading A Christmas Carol along with lots of Victorian information text.


Our explore topic this half term investigates the question:

How do our actions shape our future?

We are learning a lot from the Victorians this half term and how their actions affected Britain and how it is still affecting our lives today. We have looked at Queen Victoria and what she was like and what she did. We have also looked at inventions and the differences in the classes and lots, lots more. 

This week we have been looking at working together to write a report about Victorian inventions to present to the class. We have also read a book called 'The Dot' and completed some artwork inspired by the story. Photographs of our art work will be posted soon!


Our class also has a secret mission to show that our actions can shape our futures... more will be revealed in due course!


Please find below more information about what we will be learning this half term.




Our explore topic this half term investigates the question:

Who do you think you are?

We are learning a lot about ourselves and where we live this half term. We are going to be looking at using  atlases and maps to work on our geography skills as well as creating self portraits in art. Photographs of our art work will be posted soon!

We are also exploring what biographies and autobiographies are we will be writing our own.


Please find below more information about what we will be learning this half term.